Advertising in Print

If you want to use print advertising, you have to pick the right one. You have four choices – Yellow Pages, newspaper, magazine, and classifieds.

These ads can cost a hefty sum but if you know how to find the best deals, you can use the best option that will result to more sales or profits.

Advertising in Print Options

There are various ways to advertise the business and with the advent of the internet, more and more people are now opting for online advertising. Traditional methods to advertise the business is often overlooked as well as its capabilities. Among the choices in advertising in print are the following – newspaper, magazine, Yellow Pages, and classifieds. If you can use these options properly, you will be able to increase sales and profits in the coming months or years.

You can begin with newspaper ads. The local newspaper is a great way to increase your visibility especially if you live in a small town or city. Proper placement of the ads can make or break your business. Most newspaper ads are costly and will usually depend on the size and placement. If you want to take advantage of the best deals, you can team up with other business owners so that you can save on the cost of newspaper advertising. Another great way to advertise is through magazines. You can also find many ads on magazines but since magazines focus on different areas, you have to pick the right magazine that also targets the same audience like your business.

Yellow Pages and Classifieds

The Yellow Pages seems to be the last thing that business owners will think of advertising. The good thing about this option is that the ads can be found on the directory for a year! If you encountered ads on the Yellow Pages, you can see small ones as well as center paged ads. This is a one-time investment for the whole year that can attract potential clients. You have to pick the best spot, preferably a big ad so that people can easily become familiar with your business. Get the placement in advance to ensure the best results.

The classifieds is still quite effective in advertising. When you want others to know about your business, you can post an ad on the classifieds. Try to provide everything on your advertisement. With a limited ad space, you have to include the name of your business or logo, the address, and contact info. Don’t forget to market your products or services by providing the benefits that the customers can derive from purchasing it. Check out print advertising and you will surely be able to promote your services or products. You don’t have to use all of these methods because you can pick the ones that will work for your business. You have 4 choices and it’s up to you whether you will utilize all of these methods or not.


  • drishya srivastava said on June 30, 2012
    This is a IIHT centre, in OBRA, sonebhadra. I want to do advertisement for it.for increasing student
  • Tushar said on July 12, 2014
    In Ahmedabad CHETNA INDUSTRIAL VISION Magazine is the best option for Industrial Advertisement. For more Detail


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