Wholesale Calling Cards

You won’t face any dilemma in buying and finding suppliers for a business of wholesale calling cards if proper channel is used for its processing. Growing demand of such cards has created a boom for this business nowadays.

Ensure that you have your eyes on the market and there is a mechanism to reach up to maximum subscribers. It helps you make good fortune in a short span of time.

Calling cards are worthy as well as handy especially to make emergency calls without paying extra amount. These cards are convenient to make long distance calls in cheap rates. If you are keen to start a wholesale calling cards business and in the verge of finding details of where to find suppliers and what option to use to buy them in reasonable rates do ground preparation to ensure expertise of professionals is involved for that. Some basic tips should be given room to make best use of them and availing profit:

  • Remain focused on target group while starting prepaid international calling cards business
  • Contact wholesalers to balance profit margin and consumption
  • Be ready to face cutthroat competition for that it is a must to contact several telecommunication companies and make a wholesale deal to turn your business lucrative
  • Do thorough research on all major and minor aspects related to this wholesale business

Coordination: It should be noted that partnership programs are encouraged in wholesale business, so is it applicable in wholesale calling cards business. Partnership programs you select must fit your need. There is many unique partnership programs that can be best used for that.

The major ones are:

  • Private label resellers
  • Prepaid agents
  • Postpaid agents
  • Calling card distributors

Business Plan: Focus of a business plan for wholesale calling cards must concentrate on supply according to demand by using appropriate channel. Know the most reasonable place from where calling cards are bought for wholesale business purpose, so should you know trusted suppliers and most importantly franchises to keep business run with genuine profit margin. Decide your startup capital and expand business operations accordingly. It is better to start with a small sum and keep expanding it accordingly.

Operation: Follow very first step to start wholesale calling cards business by filling necessary application forms minutely to resolve legal hurdles. Follow up your application for faster processing. You shouldn’t ignore timely registration of business. Make sure that paperwork completes prior to operation of such business. By the time you will also have complete idea about where to approach for processing of rest aspects.

Make your task more formal and ensure that business name registration is done timely. It proves helpful for timely business license application for approval.


  • ajay kumar said on April 24, 2011
    where can I get wholesale calling cards or easy recharge option from reputed cellphone companies, and what is the margin for retailers and wholesalers
  • John J Yaak said on January 4, 2013
    I am located in ms, I'm interested in calling card businesses because I'm from Africa and I have some friend who always spend money on calling card. They will be my custom. I need information to get started please.
  • alyattu capehart said on January 27, 2015
    i would like to start a calling card business in Brooklyn park minnesota


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