Ways to Respond to an Emergency at a Landfill

Emergencies come unexpectedly and can be very dangerous especially in landfills. To prevent commotion and problems, the top management should designate a team of responders who are specially trained for emergencies.

Training should be conducted by a good trainer to ensure that the required knowledge is passed on to the team members. Provision of the needed equipment, materials, and tools is also necessary.

The Most Basic Key is Calmness to Respond to an Emergency at a Landfill

Landfill emergencies are not very common especially in well regulated areas. Still, in some landfills, potential emergencies are a great problem. Regardless of the cause of the emergency, people in the landfill – management personnel, drivers, and workers, should be prepared at all times. Panic is not a solution and it will only worsen the situation so the best way to address any emergency situation is to stay calm and think of the adequate solution. Since most landfills have monitoring systems, it will be easier to identify the areas that need attention. Whenever a problem arises, the management personnel should always be prepared to extend the needed assistance.

There should be at least one vehicle that is on standby. This means that the vehicle will be used during emergencies only. There should also be a designated driver for this purpose. Another great solution is by providing a supervisor on the site who is very knowledgeable and experienced in working on-site. This person will be responsible for reporting any problems encountered by workers, drivers, and other individuals found on the landfill. Having a mobile phone and the important numbers can ensure immediate response to emergencies. If the supervisor doesn’t have a mobile phone, then the management should provide one to make the communications line open at all times.

Organizing an Emergency Team Responder

A team should be organized by top management and the members should be trained well. The training should cover different kinds of emergency situations that can happen in the landfill and the fastest way to respond to it. Investing on a certain sum of money is necessary to get the team trained for these unexpected situations. You have to get expert trainers so that the team can learn well. Provide the necessary tools, equipment, and other materials that the team needs when responding to emergencies at the landfill. As mentioned earlier, you will need a vehicle that will be used for the sole purpose of responding to emergencies.

With a team always ready to act on emergency situations, casualties can be reduced considerably especially in onsite accidents. The situation can also be declared under control in less time and will not affect the operations of the landfill. Since vehicles are arriving at the site throughout the day, emergency situations should be controlled immediately to prevent commotion and further problems. Organize your own team of respondents so that problems and potential emergency situations can be addressed immediately without causing more panic.


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