Using Twitter as an Entrepreneur

Twitter is a social media network website that does not only help people get to know each other but also help entrepreneurs achieve success. Indeed, Twitter is used by fledgling businessmen in selling their products without letting their clients know the obvious.

Twitter continues to be a familiar name among bloggers and Internet aficionados, even though some people just don’t have the idea what it is all about.

Twitter is a social media and micro-blogging service that serves as an instant messenger to people wherever they are in the world. From your computer or laptop, you can update people by posting or sending them tweets, text posts that can reach to 140 characters. It’s very easy to receive and send tweets. All you have to do is open up and account and log on to it every time you receive or accept a tweet.

For home-based entrepreneurs and small-time businessmen, Twitter is an instant opportunity to reach out to other entrepreneurs, marketing experts, or customers wherever they are in the world. For those who want to hit success using their Twitters, here are some tips to you help spell success within your fingertips.

Twitter can help your business by:

  • Tweeting your restaurant’s daily special
  • Tweeting about-to-expire tickets in a travel or ticketing agency
  • Tweeting new homes available in the market
  • Tweeting the events and promotions to the members of the local chamber and commerce
  • Tweeting publicity opportunities, if you are PR expert

Tina Hilton, a virtual assistance company owner, divulged to Entrepreneur Magazine that Twitter can save a lot of time and energy if you are looking for clients. According to her, she got a lot of customers out from referrals from people whom she had connection with Twitter. It builds trust and credibility, a good investment if you want to good relationships with your customers.

The key in using Twitter is to establish friendship with other people, instead of using it as way to attract clients. With the rise of social media marketing, business steadily offers a friendlier atmosphere, rather than an awkward impersonal relationship.

Twitter Builds Client-Dealer Relationships

After using Twitter for a while, you start to know a person and understand his personality better. Thus, you understand what are his priorities, his likes and dislikes, allowing you to serve him better as a potential client.

It is therefore helpful that the stuffs that you post are personal, helpful, and educational. Post tips, how to’s, and your personal thoughts and opinions about certain matters. Don’t bother to post tweets if they are all about ads or sales. People won’t mind reading them, besides, it might come across as a Twitter spam.

Tips for Twitter Beginners

If you are a newbie to Twitter, begin by following guys who interest you, whether you target them as potential customers or simply caught your attention. Use more personal, friendly photos, instead of your business logo. Introduce and share something about yourself, especially to those who follow and want to know something about you. Share your interests or blogs; afterwards, you may also share your products for sale.

But the best thing that you have to remember when tweet is to enjoy it! Have fun with Twitter and you’ll later find yourself tweeting with success.


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