Types of Farming Hoes

Hoe is considered as ancient versatile agricultural equipment which is being used in order to move some amounts of soil. This is to control the growth of weeds as well as cultivating plants.

Basically, there are so many types of farming hoes that you can find now in the market.

If you are planning to cultivate plants or to control the weeds present in your yard, it is important for you to know the types of farming hoes. This is to determine which among the options will be the best to use for your personal needs.

Dego Hoe

The typical or the original version of the tool is one of the types of farming hoes that you need to be familiar with. It is made with heavy metal, comes with delta shaped kind of blade as well as flat edge. Basically, this is also called Dego hoe. Though there are already so many types of tools from this kind offered by lots of online and local stores, there are still so many people who prefer using the Dego hoe.

Dutch Hoe

Dutch hoe is also one of the best types of the tool that you can find in the online and local stores. This is designed in order to pull or to push the soil. Aside from that, this is also being used in order to cut the weeds just under the soil's surface. The head of the tool is flat and comes with sharpened metal part. However, you cannot use this hoe in terms of chopping soil. Because of the availability of this hoe type in most local and online stores, it would be easy for you to secure one when you need it.

Stirrup Hoe

Aside from the kinds of hoes mentioned, Stirrup hoe is also another type of hoes that you can find in the market. What makes this different from the other types is that it comes with double blade edge bends around in order to form stirrup rectangle. This is usually attached to its handle. Basically, this is being used in order to cut the weeds just above the soil's surface. With proper back and forth movement, this hoe is one of the most effective tools that can cut weeds properly. Usually, the Stirrup Hoe is best for breakable or loose soil.

Pacul or Cangkul

Pacul or Cangkul is also another type of hoe that you can use for your tasks. The name is obtained from Indonesian and Malay dialect. This is usually being used by people prior to planting rice and corn. This is because of the ability of the product to scatter the soil very well to give way for the sprouting of rice and corn seeds. Aside from the popularity of Pacul or Cangku in Indonesia and Malaysia, this is also being used in India. Like the other types of farming hoes, this can also be purchased from local and online stores.


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