Holistic Farming Methods

Holistic farming methods are geared towards enhancing the biodiversity of a certain farm location.

This is a nice approach if you want to enhance the productivity of your farm. In fact, these methods are being applied in most countries nowadays.

Indeed, holistic farming methods can make your farm business one of the most profitable ventures ever. However, you need to know some information about the matter first, especially if this is just new to you. By knowing these things, you will have clear grasp of what this is all about.

What are Holistic Farming Methods?

When speaking of this method, this is a form of system geared towards managing all the resources in a certain farm. This is intended to build biodiversity and to improve the production of a certain business. Holistic farming methods are no longer new. This is simply because the approach has already been used in the past, especially in terms of growing farms and agricultural businesses. Specifically, these methods are being used in countries in Asia where agriculture is one of the main sources of living.

The Beginnings of Holistic Farming Methods

Basically, the idea of holistic farming methods has first noted back in the 1960s. The person behind these methods is Allan Savory. With the help of a young scientist in his place, the methods were developed. After the success of holistic farming methods during the time these are applied, it has become popular in the other places in the world. Particularly, this has become popular way back on the height of the civil war. Even up to this point in time, the methods are still being used in order to improve the productivity of farms.

What are the Benefits of Using Holistic Farming Methods?

Now that you are aware of some information about the matter, it is important to know the benefits you can get in applying holistic farming methods. It enhances the biodiversity in a certain place, ensures efficient production, offers financial strength, improves sustainability and offers improvement in the overall quality of life to those people who apply the methods. What is even more amazing in holistic farming methods is that it provides long term effects. This is different from the other kinds of systems and approaches that can only provide short term benefits to farmers.

Framework of the Methods

Under holistic farming methods, this makes use of holistic goal in order to guide people on the proper decision making process. With the holistic goal, this allows people to be tied on the life they desire, based on the things that they value the most and based on the resources needed to support their own vision. The entire decisions and actions are tested in order to know whether they will reach or not the desired goal. Among the processes being done under this process are testing as well as management guidelines, planning procedures and feedback loop.


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    I have 5 acres in Posy county, Indiana. I want to start a totally organic farm on this property. I am 55 years old and would like a small business grant for this venture. I am willing to put in the time and work and land. But I do not have start up capital. Is there any grants for Elder women or agricultural organic farming or any grant money at all for this venture. I will be incorporating my grandchildren in this venture. Maybe there is a grant for child learning in the nature of organic gardening. Please advise.
  • robin carter said on July 14, 2015
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