Trout Fish Farming

Trout has become a popular fish for human consumption and as fish stocks in recreational ponds since they were introduced in the U.S. more than a century ago. How are they raised? What is the most commonly farmed species of trout in the country?

What facilities are needed to start a trout farm? These questions will be answered by our basic guide.

Trout are freshwater fish. They are valued as food and sports fish. They belong to the same genera as salmon and some salmon are referred to as trout. They fed on other fish and also on zooplanktons. Sometimes they are farmed to replace stocks that are depleted by overfishing. The fish was introduced to the U.S. more than a century ago. Today, the most commonly farmed trout is the rainbow trout. Usually, trout farm owners purchase eyed eggs or fingerlings for growing rather than breed broodstock. It is because trout spawning requires considerable labor, skill and expenses.

Trout Farming Parameters

Trout need a constant supply of high quality water. As freshwater fish, they can be grown in natural water such as ponds, rivers, streams, and lakes. They can also be grown in artificial facilities like tanks, pools, cages and raceways. Ideal water for artificial systems are those from springs or underground wells. Surface water or municipal water may also be used. Water flow rate to ponds should be at least 50 gpm for fee fishing operations and more than 2,000 gpm for large farms producing trout for food. The water must be of high quality, meeting standards for trout farming as trout are sensitive to water conditions. Of particular consideration is the temperature of the water because it affects the fish’s growth rate. For specific values on optimum conditions for raising trout contact extension specialists or refer to published researches.

Another matter that a trout farm owner must pay attention to is the discharge of the operation’s waste to receiving waters. Waste disposal is regulated to see to it that effluents do not degrade the quality of the receiving medium. Trout farm wastes could include harmful micro-organisms, drugs, chemicals and metabolic wastes. Disposal of such wastes usually needs a clearance from regulating bodies before they could be disposed of.

Trout Farm Equipment Needs

Trout farming may be pursued as a large-scale operation requiring intensive capital, and automation to produce fish for marketing to restaurants, supermarkets, fish processors, and fee fishing operations. It will require the farmer to intensely monitor the operation of the hatchery and keep up-to-date production records. It may necessitate the construction of a hatch house, and the purchase of egg incubators, aerators, blower system, air diffuser, generator, feeder, disinfectant tank, hauling tank, grading and sorting tools, scales, and delivery trucks. But trout farming can also be pursued small as a hobby with moderate capital needs and minimal work.


Q. What is the best time to harvest trout fish?
A. The best time to harvest is april to october.

Q. How often the pond water needed to be changed?
A. Trout needs clean water so running water is best for it. If you can't manage to get running water then keep a close eye and change whenever you feel it is getting little dirty.

Q. What is the temperature required for trout fish?
A. Trout fish can live in cold temperature, 0-25C is good for them.


  • adoye apemiye said on June 28, 2009
    it is a very good article. but what i am really looking for is a feasibility study on fish farming.
  • Abhijit Thakur said on December 4, 2009
    Hello, I have around 10 acres of land in Satna, Madhya Pradesh, India. I am an IT professional, however i am dabbling into the idea of getting into the farming business. I need some ideas about what would be the best possible option for me to get into with my land based out of Madhya pradesh. Abhijit, 9920961207
  • subhash chaskar said on April 20, 2010
    I want start fish farming at my village. Please advice for that to me regarding who will provide loan for that. I have only land and enough water. Parner, Ahmedanagar, Maharashtra, India
  • Kuldeep Bhatt said on May 28, 2010
    Hello. I want to start Trout fish farming at my village. Please advise for that to me who will provide funding(loan) that. I have only land and enough natural water. My village located in Himalayas at nearly 1700-2100 altitude above then sea level. Kuldeep Bhatt, Diss- Uttarkashi, state- Uttranchal, India
  • Nar Bahadur Amgai said on July 13, 2010
    I am planning to raise Rainbow Trout fish in Bhachek area of Hanspur Village of Gorkha District Nepal. The place has continuous running water with 15 degree below temperature, for this I request you to provide me technical matters for this farming. could you send me technical matters through mail? Thanking you for this help
  • indrajit gghorpade said on July 28, 2010
    hi, i am from bangalore in south india and have ideal conditions property for trout raising in the western ghats . i need turnkey assistance from any one who has this expertise as partner or consultant .thanx
  • Wanis Teringi said on November 30, 2010
    Hi, I am from Papua New Guinea in the Highlands Reign of the country, ideal conditions for Rainbow Trout where trout is found there in those rivers where I live. I have 194ha of land to do trout farming and lot of rivers available. Could someone help fund the project through Donor Agencies,partnership or Aid funding including technical assistance in setting up the project? Our country is going through Mineral Boom as well as Big LNG project worth US$14 Billion in my province so the demand for such fish is high and the market looks healthy for such venture on a bigger Commercial bases. We don't have commercial trout farms in this country but have less than 10 very small ponds for local consumption. I am willing to put up more Land to extend the farm and free land to build the Estate for the farm employees,provide free logs from my forest for timber for the farm estate and etc. In my country 95% of the land is customary owned and therefore, I don't have a problem with logs for housing, water and land for Trout farming. I am willing to partner with anyone who will help provide Finance, Technical Expertees, and also want to vanture in Tourism with Lodges and forest, waterfalls, water rafting, bird watching, Hiking or mountain climbing and even setting up Sky cable cars in the rain forest mountains for more than 68 Kms to complement the trout farm for Tourist attraction and etc. Please contact me through my email as stated above;, mobile Phone No: 675 76917190
  • M Mubashir said on December 9, 2010
    I am from kashmir and i am going to establish trout fish farm at my village as nature has gifted our state with perennial water streams. The water quality of stream which leads to piece of land where i am going to establish fish pond is little a bit contaminated with domestic discharges, now please let me inform is it safe for trout culture and what measures do you suggest to purify it. Waiting for your reply. Please contact me on
  • rajkumar said on March 13, 2011
    Good information. Where can I get additional information like harvesting time and after how many days the water needs to be disposed and water temperature conditions. Please contact me at
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on March 14, 2011
    @rajkumar, Hi rajkumar, see our FAQ section at the top for your answers.

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • Petra said on April 20, 2011
    Hello there. I live in Romania and i am seriously thinking to invest money in a trout farm. I need details about the amount of money needed (to start from zero) and, also, if there could be a better idea another kind of fish farm, or can it be a mix of fish types that work being raised simultaneously. Thank you in advance. For any details please use my email address:
  • tsetennorbu lachungpa said on June 14, 2011
    I am from lachung village which is located in north district of sikkim.I want to established a trout fish farming,and have a sufficient land and rich source of running fresh steam in my land.if there could be better idea's for project details n about funding (loan).
  • Aftab said on August 27, 2011
    We have a trout hatchery.if the temperature increase what should we well do for high temperature . What temperature is good for trout Exp: SWAT, Swat, PAKISTAN
  • Rupesh Malla said on January 10, 2012
    Hi, I'm from Republic Of Nepal and doing research on Rainbow trout farming . Its an emerging fish farming industry here. If u have some researches please send me.
  • Mathivanan Subramaniam said on March 19, 2012
    Tamil nadu ,India. Near Coimbatore. I have agri land in different places and want to grow vegetables, fruits for export markets and domestic markets
  • surendra pardeshi said on May 16, 2012
    i have a land suitable for fisheries and i want to give it on rental basis.let me know about it.
  • Anna Muingnepe said on August 21, 2012
    Hi, I am from Papua New Guinea. I would like to start a rainbow trout project in my village. I have a land ready for this project next to a big river. the climate is suitable. However, I need someone to advice me on how to construct the pond, the width and length etc. Best Regards,
  • Mukshed Ali Khan, Bangladesh said on November 21, 2012
    I am mukshed Ali khan from Bangladesh. I am a teacher. I am running a fish farm of 21 acre of land. My farm is very good and very potential but I am suffering from the want of fund or money . I want a partner or many partner or financial help from any donors or institute . In my project there is a fish farm of 39 ponds , a hatchery , a bio gas plant, a dairy farm, and a hybrid papaya farm. Please let me know how to successfully run my project. my email is
  • Bivek said on February 20, 2013
    hi this is bivek from Nepal, i am looking for trout fish business here in nepal, right now i am searching for all procedure require. can you please let me all the information about this farming in my mail.
  • Peter Quist Thomsen said on April 2, 2013
    I live in Nepal, and am, in Nepal, involved in the trout business, specialized fish feed and extension. I have previously been producing trout in my home country for nearly 10 years and have a master degree in fisheries. To build a trout farm, some preconditions will have to be met, first the water should be of good quality, have a temperature below 20 degree Celsius, and the minimum of water available will decide the size of production. The production facility, especially the raceways dimension will have to be calculated, there is no standard size! In Nepal and other hilly areas of sub tropical and tropical, the temperature of the water is normally decided by the elevation above sea level. Typically in Nepal the elevation should be at least 1500 m.a.s.l to meet the temperature precondition. A higher elevation will give a lower average temperature and therefore a longer growing time. The amount of water needed is dependent on the size of fish being produced, on the quality of the water and also on the elevation. In Nepal people, even some without adequate knowledge, are earning a good profit on trout farming, and selling price of portion sized trout reaches as high as 1500 NRs/kg) (=17 US$/kg). Before starting a trout farm, it is highly advisable to get some proper advice from reliable sources. Unfortunately, in Nepal, too many expert are without adequate knowledge, resulting in farmers failing to get the possible profit out of their business. The market in Nepal for trout is not yet saturated, that mean, more production can easily be absorbed, without lowering the price of the end product significantly.
  • Bishnu Kandel said on April 19, 2013
    Dear sir I want to rear trout fish in nepal. As natural water is sufficient there. So please suggest me what can I do first to start. How you can i help? I am graduate in aquaculture.
  • Andrew Mungrui said on April 29, 2013
    Hello, I am Andrew Mungrui from Jiwaka in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. A magnificent river in my community once infested with rainbow trout but due to excavation of river gravels for construction purposes, the pools in the river have disappeared and total suspended solids in the river have increased to beyond threshold limits suitable for trout survival. Trout has now extinct. The delicacies of trout enjoyed still makes me want to farm set up a trout farm. Water resources and land are abundant. I also have capital to start but need a partner with funds as well as technical expertise to work with. Due to a boom in Mineral, Oil and Gas resources in Papua New Guinea at the moment. Markets are available readily to sell the trout commercially. If you are interested then please drop a line or call me; E-mail: Phone: 675 72640 755
  • colter matthews said on May 31, 2013
    hello. i have a small acredge and i'm interested in starting a trout hatchery. i'm in saskatchewan canada. i'm needing to know what equipment i need to do this. i would like to start with eyed eggs and raise them to a bigger size to stock ponds and regional lakes. thanks
  • Narinder Kumar said on July 8, 2013
    I would like to inform you that i am Narinder Kumar S/o Sh. Kishori Lal Village & Post Office Mander Khurd Teh. Baijnath Dist. Kangra Himachal Pradesh. Respected sir our land (10 karnal) in (Nagaari Near Baba Ji ki kutia ) at Mander at the very beginnings natural fresh running water come to our land and we are interested in Trout fish farming at our land around 3-4 karnal have sufficient water available for fish farming. What is the document required & it will take time for approval, also if any help from Himachal fisheries department
  • RB Chhetri said on August 12, 2013
    Hello, I am RB Chhetri from Nepal. Basically I am food technologist but I am engaging in Rainbow Trout Farming from since last 10 years, in the beginning I start my own farm in Rasuwa ( 100km far from Kathmandu) but I can’t run long time due to political and partnership problem. In the mean time I attained lots of seminar and training program related to trout farming process as a trainee and trainer. Right now, I am doing a consultant job in Rainbow Trout farming. If someone need consultant for everything related to trout farming, please email to me. My email address is and can also call me on 977-9849363641
  • Arman said on November 5, 2013
    hello, this is arman from Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. i wana build a trout fish farm here in gilgit baltistan which is most suitable for trout fish farming but i have no budget for build it so plz help me for this proposal
  • linus mugwiria said on March 26, 2014
    I am starting trout farming on slopes of Mt.kenya in meru region. my worry is the water temperatures.
  • Kevisekho kruse said on May 22, 2014
    Kindly give me contact details of a good consultant for setting up a trout fish farm . We wish to set up a trout hatchery as well as breeding n stocking facilities . Our place is at altitude of about 1400 to 1500 m.s.l. With temperature ranging from 5'c to 24'c with fresh flowing streams available
  • James Anjo said on June 17, 2014
    Hi I am James Anjo and I come from Papua New Guinea. I have established a rain bow trout farm on my land. I have five ponds 20mx20mx1m deep. I have purchased 20,000 fingerlings waiting to be delivered. How ever I need some assistance to bring the big river into my ponds. Any financial assistance or any advice or any form of assistance will be appreciated. My email address My contact no. (675)72651037
  • narjespour said on July 2, 2014
    hello, what is the best method for removal iron in trout farm. source water is hole ,INLET WATER 10L/S. thanks


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