TiVo Wins in Court Battle Against EchoStar

In a landmark event, a federal court on Tuesday granted TiVo Inc with additional $130 million in damages over its patent infringement lawsuit against two television service providers.

According to a court decision, EchoStar Corp and DISH Network Corp should pay this settlement to TiVo for infringing the latter’s Time Warp software which allows people to watch programs and record shows simultaneously.

A federal court on Tuesday granted digital video recorder (DVR) maker TiVo Inc with additional $130 million in settlement over patent infringement case involving television service providers EchoStar Corp and DISH Network Corp.

Earlier, EchoStar had settled $104 million damages to TiVo in connection with the jury verdict in 2006 in the similar suit.

In a court decision, EchoStar was found to commit patent infringement by using TiVo’s Time Warp application that allows people to watch television shows and record programs simultaneously.

The court ruling also asked EchoStar to remove the infringed software to its more than 193,000 set-top boxes which are used by its subscribers across the US.

According to a source, the court may slap Echostar with additional damages in June after a federal judge found out that the satellite television service provider violated the initial court injunction which ordered the company not to distribute DVRs which are equipped with the infringed software.

In an interview with reporters, TiVo officials lauded the court ruling saying that this will allow the company to move forward after the long-running litigation, adding the decision upholds patent protection laws.

Meanwhile, EchoStar and DISH released a statement saying it will appeal the court ruling.


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