Tips to get more Landscaping Contracts and Grow Your Business

Acquiring clients in the landscaping industry can be hard, which is a fact that many companies also experience.

But there is a way you can get all those contracts you want. That is by simply knowing all the things needed to be done and executing it in the proper way.

Take A Walk And Study The Property. Take Notes

Getting the contract you are after may be obtained by going for a walk. It is not just a simple walk since you will be taking notes of everything you will see and those that need to be worked on. Of course, you need to gain access to the property to be checked out, which means thinking of a right way to approach the prospective tender. By having a look at the property involved in the job, you will have a better idea about it and the client’s needs. Always look out for these opportunities and make sure to grab it immediately.

The Letter, It Can Open The Door For You… Or Not

Yes, what the letter contains and how it is presented has a role in getting those contracts you want. Hence, make sure that every necessary detail is included and it is presented in the proper way. Information is the first thing that clients will want to know and see, so you have to provide that to them. Do not forget about the basic information, including the property address, person responsible for the bill and the contact number. Measurements and figures need to be included too along with all possible clarifications like the increase in fees if there is added yard space. All duties needed and expected to be fulfilled in every visit must be in the letter. Include the prices for those services that were agreed upon. Do not forget to add the monthly service fee due date too. Provide a space where you and the client can sign and place the date when it was signed.

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Start By Taking the Proper Actions

The letter is just one part on how to get contracts for landscaping. But, you would want to prequalify first, which is also said to be a vital part of the process. Through, this you will be able to understand how your company can provide the needed service. It is important to include specific information too, including the good and the bad ones. Give your client a tour about how you do things. It is your turn to give them pieces of information about your service and what you can do for them. The best way it can be done is by meeting with them.

It is not often that you would want to back out from a signed contract, but there is a chance it can happen. It happens because of the doubt you encounter afterwards. To avoid this, explain the proposals well. It will not only serve as an explanation of the service you offer, but a way of educating the clients as well.

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