How to Market a Landscaping Business

Marketing a landscaping business is an economic and systemic manner that brings new and fresh prospects in a stream that is already steady. Great marketing can surely keep that phone ringing and your trucks keep on moving continuously. Use a multi-progress approach to maximize the potential of your business.

As you know, most of these marketing ideas are not expensive. You can try face-to-face or direct mail campaigns and other means to increase your marketability.

Make Some Postcards

Others landscaping business owners may not realize this but making postcards with the best images of your work will surely boost your chance to succeed. Be sure to picture your best work and add some testimonial as well as discounts for new clients.

You can also obtain a mailing list of homeowners in your target market. As you know, direct mail allows you to put important information regarding your landscape business first hand with your prospect clients.

Mail the first batch of your postcards during the early season. In order for you to be successful, try to mail them on Fridays because they will arrive on Monday, wherein the mails on mailbox are not yet bulk. Frequent mailings can surely be the best way for you to be noticed by your prospect clients.

Existing Customers

For your existing customer, it is very important that you can able to provide them great service continuously, so that they will retain as your loyal customer. Meaning you need to offer them services that make them more satisfied.
Offer additional services like waterfall or pond construction, tree removal, snow boarding, driveway maintenance, landscape lighting as well as other projects. Don’t just glued in one service be sure to be clever in thinking projects that you may offer.

During holidays perhaps you can give exquisite potted plant or other gift ideas for your loyal customers.

Internet Marketing

The internet is one of the most powerful means for you to enhance your business. You can do this by having a blog or a website that includes your services, pictures or video of your works, testimonials and other important information that can be useful for the client.

You can optimize your blog or website with special focus on reaching other homeowners 25 miles away from your control center. This is the best way on how you can get nice opportunities.

Make sure to add contact information for prospects in order for them to reach you via email and phone. Follow up is very important because it means a lot for customer to give them time.


According to the signage must be printed in bold and big signs post in the yards of latest landscape projects in each intersection near. You can also post this signage within the entrance of such subdivision. Be sure to include your website and phone number on the signage.


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