Coffee and Wine Bar Business Startup Tips

Starting a wine bar or coffee shop business a fun and exciting endeavor, but it will be no more exciting if no money is returned back to you. A lot of businessmen turn sour after a few months of opening a wide bar or coffee shop business.

This is because things aren’t going in their favor. This article will give you tips on how to get your success and make money.


A technique or strategy is the objective you like to obtain in your wine bar and coffee shop business in a short span of time. That is the first year and in the long run, that will be five years. The first thing you need to think about is your target market, which includes the demographic, where they eat as well as how affluent they are. Then, you have to estimate the market size. This will depend on the size of the place you believe you can cover realistically.


In case you want to put up a wine bar, you need to get a certification from the liquor licensing authority in your place. It’s unlawful for an individual less than eighteen years of age to buy and drink alcohol on certified premises and a place is accountable when it is determined to be offering liquor to minor. If you want to start a coffee shop and decided to serve food, you need to get a health certificate as well.

Study and Competition

For first timers, getting an experience is highly needed. So, visit or work in a bar or coffee shop to get better understanding as well as an appreciation of the surrounding. Knowing the market is important and you have to know from the start the types of customer you want to appeal. If your skill about wine and coffee is limited, then you need to stick to what you think is best.

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Cost and earning

Aside from getting the service of skilled employees with the right experience and training, a major expense is apparently the daily purchase of stock. So, it is important to build up good connections with your suppliers so as to get the most excellent deals. While coffee and wine can be purchased in bulk at a cheap cost, fresh food can be costlier.

Most bars out there are purchased outright while some are rented and the expense depends on the location and nature of the structure.  Wine bars and coffee shops tend to keep small and close in size and are normally situated in sophisticated neighborhoods. Aside from all the needed services, you have to invest in aesthetic of the place. The decoration you choose will directly affect the mood of the setting.  When it comes to pricing, a lot of wine bars today charge between 6 to 10 dollars for every glass the same with coffee, but it depends on the quality and brand you serve.

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