Becoming an Environmental Consultant

There are a lot of business ventures that are gradually thriving in the industry these days. One of these is the consulting firm. If you are also one who is concerned with the environment, you might as well start your own environmental consulting firm by becoming a consultant.

However, there are things that you have to know to become an environmental consultant.

The industry of environmental consulting is now one of those industries that are slowly gaining popularity. For those who are interested in starting an environmental consulting firm, there are several things that one must be aware of in order to assure that the business venture will thrive at its best.

The Faces of Environmental Consulting

There are a lot of faces that constitute the big industry of this environmental consulting. These actually range from the university faculty that works part time with consulting with the scientists that work for the companies associated to environmental science. The environmental consultants might also be the scientists who work for the environmental engineering, accounting, management and legal consulting firms side by side the people that have science training as they work for several nongovernmental organizations or NGOs. Also, a big number of the people who have training with regards to environmental engineering and sciences are being given a full time job by the ever growing number of government agencies and bigger corporations on provincial as well as national bases. This huge cross-section simply shows the reality that our own environment and the science that underlies it are now becoming the vital factors when it comes to the daily decisions made by the governments as well as corporations.

The Single Facet

Those scientists who are working for the private aspect of this industry of environmental consulting have found out that there is actually only a single facet in the job description of this career. Two things that are equally important are:

  • Sales skills
  • Communication skills

The contracts for carrying out environmental science or collection studies of routine data will not simply land on your desk. Projects of this type must be bid on competitively, wherein the usual list of the bidders consists of 5 to 10 companies and a lot of other bidders that participate for the requirements of the government which actually have lesser qualifications.

Selling Yourself

Equally important as the sales skills of the consultant will be their skills of selling themselves internally. All project managers will require the individuals to focus only on the task that is at hand, complete them on the given time and budget and report whatever they have done in a concise and clear visual and written fashion. Consultants who can carry this out will surely be greatly in demand in the industry.

The Sector

There is basically no typical day in the sector of environmental consulting. Every day, there are projects and deadlines that must be faced and small and even big crises may arise. With this regard, venturing in this business will also mean that one must be prepared at all times.


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