Steps to Business Development

There are many ingredients that play together for a business venture to be successful. There is of course the need to have a business plan and enough capital to operate a venture.

But knowing steps to business development is one aspect that can spell the success of one’s business. Read on and learn what these steps are.

For those embarking in business ventures, it is not enough that one can gather and fund the startup capital for the venture. It is also not enough that one has effectively written a business plan to follow for his venture. There are still many aspects in running a business and one of these is steps to business development. Once the owner or the entrepreneur has set up his business and effectively operating in day to day basis, the need for a clear steps to business development is still needed. These steps to business development will bring order to what seems a vague mission and vision of the company and will sustain the growth of the company in the right direction. Below are steps to business development a businessman can follow as a guide:

The Culture

The first step to business development is knowing the existing culture of the organization. Awareness of what kind of culture where the business venture runs on will follow the answer to the question whether the company is geared towards new client development. As it is understood, the development of one’s business is related to the expansion of client base.

The Mission

The importance of a mission in running a company is cannot be denied. This mission of the company should be clear and not vague that members of the organization or even the owner cannot get a vivid picture of what it is. Knowing precisely what is the mission of the business venture present one key step to business development.

The Vision

Similar with the issue of the mission of the company or the business venture, one ought to know vividly also the vision of the venture. Having a clear picture what the vision of the company is, the more it is achievable. It is also an important ingredient for the development of the business.

The Reality of Behavioral Change

In the course of running a business venture, the need most of the time for a shift in behavior towards work arise. A businessman or an entrepreneur must be aware if there are behavioral change that must take place if the actions of the members of the organization veer away from the mission and vision of the company.

The Training

As part of the steps to business development, the need for a specific kind of training to achieve the mission and vision of the company should be ascertain.


  • Suvinaya said on February 10, 2011
    I am from banglore city, india. We are starting a new accounting solutions firm which outsource all accounting and taxation services to small and medium enterprises. How to start with the business development process?
  • Papa Lolo said on February 23, 2011
    I am from London,UK and would like to work as business development officer for UK base company in Angola, Africa. The company is on Engineering services and project management. How to start with the business development process?


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