Business Meeting Etiquette

It is essential in any business meeting to observe proper rules of propriety and etiquette.

The following are a list of essential guidelines to remember when conducting business meetings.

Good business meeting etiquette starts with the planning. It is important to identify the type of meeting you will be hosting or attending. Understand if it is informal or formal so that you will be able to dress appropriately and act accordingly. Formal business meetings usually tend to be in strict dress code, properly scheduled and have special requirements while informal business meetings on the other hand do not follow a strict dress code and are more relaxed.

The business meeting flow is another proper aspect to have to follow proper business meeting etiquette. It is important to get all issues assessed accordingly and have everything discussed at the meeting. Having a systematic outline of the things that need to be discussed at the meeting will get you on the right track, plus you will gain more respect from your company since you will show that you are well prepared, and more likely the business meeting will finish on time and meet all the necessary agendas.

On the other hand however if you are a guest at a meeting the basic rules of propriety are similar to a formal or informal gathering, starting with punctuality. Be on time at a meeting and if possible arrive just a few minutes earlier from the given time. This will show that you are a reliable person and that you are organized in life. Not only do you have to be on time but you have to know what the meeting is about as well. Be able to do a brief review on what is to be discussed at the meeting and be prepared with whatever issue involves you and procedures or processes that you need to discuss. Being prepared with proper documentation will show you are participating actively in the meeting, which is important to get clear communication across the boardroom.

When you participate with the concerns that are discussed at the meeting you will have to do so in a professional manner. Be aware of how you word your sentences and be polite and attentive to everyone that is participating in the meeting. Show professionalism and respect and properly demonstrate the understanding you have of the topic at hand. Do not be afraid to address you own concerns be it positive or negative since this is essential in any form of communication to voice out opinions and ideas. Listen to what other people have to say about the issues at hand and be open minded about the possibilities. Do all the following in a polite and courteous manner and try to word things in such a way as not to offend or strike an argument with anyone of the participants at the meeting. Address meeting attendees by their titles and thanks them accordingly.


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