Starting Your Own Car Audio Wholesale Business

Do you find yourself dreaming of entering the wholesale business rather than your boring and routinely day job? Incidentally, are you an expert on car audio or at least willing to learn the trade?

Then a car audio wholesale biz is the right venture for you. To help you get started, follow this simple yet effective car audio wholesale business guide.

Looking for a stable and manageable business of your own? Why not try your business skills in the wholesale business. Dating back to 1987, the wholesale trade in the United States has risen to become one of the most competitive industries, with over $424.7 billion in revenues. From grocery items to car parts, the wholesale business proved to be one of the most rewarding business ventures to date.

Accordingly, distributing car audio parts is one of the most profitable wholesale opportunities in the market today. Not only car enthusiast need good audio in their cars, even common car users demand car audio parts.

To startup your own car audio wholesale business, you need to have sufficient capital, a business plan, and more importantly, competitive skills in sales.

Sufficient Planning

The first thing to do is to create a car audio wholesale business plan. This enables a distributor to see every aspect of the business, in order to quickly adapt to every problem the business might encounter.

The plan should determine where to start the car audio wholesale business, along with the cost or expenses included in the office space. Unlike other businesses, the wholesale store does not need to be located in shopping areas or where people usually converge. The store should only be strategically located near the distribution site. At the least, you could set up your office at the comfort of your own home, starting as a simple broker.

The next thing to determine is where to find suppliers for your car audio parts and the potential car audio wholesale biz clients. Be careful in dealing with ads, wholesale clubs, and even eBay offers. Some will lure you to accept distributorship by giving you irresistible offers of discounts only to impose unreasonable fees in the end. It is advisable to consult with reliable magazines and newspapers for distributorship information available in your area, or call the Better Business Bureau.

Capital Investment

Another aspect that should be considered is the cost of the operation. You could start with the initial capital of less than $5,000 starting with small audio parts such as transmitters and amplifiers. It normally takes 2 to 5 years before the wholesale business becomes fully profitable, but there are exceptions, especially if you have a talent for selling and good people skills.

Finally, secure the necessary car audio wholesale business license and permits. The license costs about $35 and $7 for the tax ID number, for a total of only $42.


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