Starting Freesia Garden to Make Money

If you want to start Freesia Garden to make money, this article can give you ideas on how to effectively grow and care for freesia to earn from it.

Freesia is a South African native plant with varying colours. It was named after Dr. Freesia who is a native of Kiel Germany who studied the different plants of South Africa.

Freesia can be a best addition to any garden plot or border can also be used in spas baths. Freesia stalks are slender, they are sometimes single or double flowers; some have nice fragrances while the others are not so perfumed.
In planting freesia, we have to consider some things first; freesia can grow easily in a well-drained, in a sandy soil, and in a location where there is a very light shade. But they cannot tolerate damp summers. It has to be on places wherein it is not frosting.

In southern part of the US, you have to plant its corms about 2 inches (5cm) deep and have to be 4 inches (10 cm) apart. Plant its corms in early fall for flowering in the following spring. Then before planting, you have put fertilizer granules slowly into the soil. When you can observe that the soil is starting to be dried, then watering is needed. You should always make sure that the soil is already moist especially when it is flowering. Expect it to bloom at least after about 3-4 months of planting.

Unfortunately, freesias can also be attacked by diseases like botrytis disease, and of different pests and insects like thrips, snails, and aphids. And when the temperature at night turns too high, or when the soil is starting to dry out, or when it is overwatered, and then its flower buds will fail to open.

One of the important thing a freesia needs is a lot of sunlight and a luxuriantly peat soil. For its best growth, just allow it to dry up while watering and when the flowers start to appear as a used liquid fertilizer. Freesia also needs some stakes for support. In planting Freesia it has to be in cool climates as they prefer 50s F.

Freesia will need to have good powerful stems and around 7 blooms per stem. Although according UC Davis Postharvest Technology, freesias have no definite pattern in grading, not like some other kinds of flowers. Usually freesias are being graded according to its maturity level, the stem length, and the number of its blooms.

In propagating freesias, do it by its seed or with their offset. Take away the offsets from its corms during planting. Then around four to six week mark, its seeds and offsets will begin to grow. And while the plants is starting to evolve, the more it is in necessitate to be cared for as they will be a little hardy when they are already an established plants.

Freesia plants are very useful and worth for a business also. They can be useful on weddings for bride’s bouquets, and can be good decors on their gardens. And the plus factor is that they are not that hard to take care of, as long as they are on a very light and shaded location. Start planting a freesia today and earn for the better future.


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