Starting an Ink Cartridge Business

If there is one sure thing that technology brought to common folks besides having a comfortable lifestyle, it is the opportunity to ride in the ticket towards financial success. As there are many accessories that technology brought to us, one of these is the printer ink packaged through ink cartridges.

If you want to know what kind of business to enter in ink cartridges, read on.

If there is something that technology brings to the common folks around, besides the bliss of having a comfortable lifestyle, it is the opportunity to ride on a ticket that can make one be financially successful. It must be seen with clear entrepreneurial eyes that technology has brought about with it a lot of accessories that one seems cannot live without. And one of these technological accessories is the printer ink, which come through ink cartridges. The market for this kind of accessory is getting bigger and bigger as days move on that there is a lot of room for any player to enter the field.

There are many businesses that one can derive from ink cartridges and one only has to sort from them what kind of specialization one should stick on. Nevertheless, if you are inclined in starting an ink cartridge business, here is a primer on how you can start the business by choosing one from the several business propositions available in the market:

Know Your Market in Ink Cartridge Business

The market in ink cartridge business can be divided into two segments: the personal and the business. If you are thinking of starting an ink cartridge business you must at least know what market you are targeting. Are you going for the regular consumers which are the individual users of printers or are you going for the business entities that use this accessory. Choosing one from the other does not mean you are going for a make or break situation in your business if you choose one from the other. Both have huge market share though it is obvious that the market for business entities is bigger considering the volume of their order.

Types of Ink Cartridges Business You may want to Consider

As you have already chosen what kind of market for your ink cartridges you are going to enter into, it is wise if you know what kind of business option you have for your ink cartridge business. There is the direct selling of ink cartridges. You can go around with it by selling it either by wholesale or retail. The next option is recycling ink cartridges and selling them to ink cartridge brokers. You can do this by buying empty cartridges that have high value and passing them to cartridge brokers who then sell them to high volume manufacturers. The last option is by starting a refilling station for ink cartridges.


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