Starting an Aviation Consulting Firm

If you want to start an aviation consulting firm, you will have to begin early. You will need to take up a relevant course and after that, you should incur experience in aviation companies.

When you have gathered enough knowledge and experience, you can now start and develop a business plan.

Start Your Own Aviation Consulting Firm

Before you can begin your own aviation consulting firm, you will have to know a great deal about the aviation industry. You can take up a relevant course or degree and you also need to incur relevant experience. Try to start early with an aviation career and work in local airlines or aviation companies. This is the best way to learn the basics and the day to day operations of the business. With passion for aviation consulting, you will be able to succeed in this kind of business. When you’re ready, you can now develop a business plan.

Determine the business structure – sole proprietor, partnership, or corporation. This is a serious business and it would be best to team up with other professionals who are interested with aviation consulting. A partnership or corporation is the best choice when it comes to starting an aviation consulting firm. You will need to find an office space that is located near the airport or in the city center for easy access. Design the office with professionalism in mind so that your clients will feel comfortable once they step inside. Get the necessary furniture and fixtures for the consulting firm’s office and apply for utilities and phone lines.

Tips on Starting an Aviation Consulting Firm

It is very important that clients reach you easily. You can also maintain a business website to widen your target market. Among the services that you can offer are asset appraisals, asset management, general consulting, technical consulting, remarketing and asset sakes, financial services, and security and investigations. As a consulting firm, you can work with different air companies and even private investors who are interested with aviation. You will have to obtain a business license in your state so that you can operate the business legally. It pays to have a legit business because it helps you win the trust and confidence of clients.

With a team of professionals, you can better manage your aviation consulting firm. Aside from your partners, you can also hire additional employees so that you can delegate the tasks within the firm. Promote the business online and in your local area. You can potential clients and negotiate with them. Offer your services in detail by providing flyers and pamphlets about the consulting firm. Don’t forget to include your contact details for ease of contact. With considerable knowledge and passion for aviation, success with within your reach! The financials is an integral aspect as well that you need to monitor. Start your consulting firm today.


  • capt.vishva vikas rawat said on January 15, 2011
    i m starting a firm in India(Ajmer,Rajasthan)i m well aware of aviation but i dont know about business.I m really thankful if u help me more.
  • Salim Akhtar said on January 31, 2012
    I am applying for immigration to Spain/Barcelona and for that, one has to develop and present a business plan. I have been an airline pilot for the last 34 years, therefore, the business plan to be put forward for authorities in Spain has to logically be pertained to Aviation. Would appreciate any help in developing a business plan for a small Consultancy Firm with specifics to crew training, Crew Resource Management, Flight Operation's activities, Dispatch etc etc. Thanking you


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