Starting a Tent Wholesale Business

Tired of your nine to five hour job and want to become your own boss?

Starting a tent wholesale business must be your ticket of realizing your dream of becoming your own boss and of becoming financially independent.

Tent as a Business

Tent as a business… why not? This is an industry as old as the old world and definitely it will still be with us for a longer period of time. Tent is being used in so many ways: bivouacs, victims of disasters, weddings, backyard parties, corporate events, industrial shelters and even during excavations. The military is also using tents. Tents are being used as aerial roofing for events to cover and protect the area. Definitely there is a big market in this kind of business.


Every business venture that exists does not do it alone. A competitor lies just around to corner. You can learn the industry by visiting as many tent wholesalers as you can. Find out what are the basics of the industry from those who are already involved in the business. Mind you, if you are looking at your next door competitor. The owner will more likely ignore you since you will be a direct competitor to them. A businessman involved in tent wholesale business from another state or town will be more than willing to give you few pointers in the business.


Contact as many tent manufacturers as you can. Get an appointment with their distribution department and inquire about their products. If you can get a consignment deal with them all the better since you can return to them the products which are not saleable and replace them with the more saleable products.

Marketing and Advertising

How will you market your business? The web is the most effective way to advertise your business. Hire a web designer to this job for you. Create a website that is user friendly and easy to navigate. You can also post banners and tarpaulins to advertize your business. Another most effective advertising strategy is the use of television, radio and print ads.

A Place for your Business

Any business venture needs a place of its own. Have a vacant space in your own backyard that you can convert into a small office and a storage area, good for you because you will no longer need to rent for a place to do business. If none, you will be required to rent a place where you can do business. Read all the provisions stated in the contract before you sign the lease contract. It is also wise that you hire an interior designer to address all the needs of your office suited for the type of business that you are getting into.


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