Starting a Silk Screen Business

If you want to start a silk screen business, you need to know the various materials that the home-based business needs like screens, used lumber and old dress, photo emulsion, ink, masking tape, squeegee, and shirts.

Apply for a business license and check with the zoning if it is possible to open a silk screen business from home.

There are so many home business opportunities these days. Some people are getting tired of their eight to five jobs and are finding ways to become their own boss. If you want to start a new business, you can go for silk screen. T-shirt printing requires very little capital and the good news is you can do it at home. All you need are screens, used lumber and old dress (preferably wedding dress). You can do many things aside from printing shirts. In fact, with a bit of creativity, you can print signs, baseball caps, and magnets.

How to Set-Up a Silk Screen Business?

Aside from the materials mentioned earlier, you will also need to get a photo emulsion, ink, masking tape, squeegee, and shirts. You need to create some samples that you can show your customers. It is possible to get quality shirts from sales. If you purchase your materials in bulk, you can save a lot of money. Make sure that you develop original artwork to attract clients. To ensure that you’re complying with the government regulations, determine the zoning requirements, licensing, and permits. Even a home business needs to be operated legally. That way, you can avoid problems in the future.

Since the business is home-based, you can market your products online. Create a website and check with the local Post Office to find out if you can arrange for cheap shipments. You can also contract printing works. Visit schools, offices, and other organizations. These establishments usually hold events that require t-shirt printing services like foundations, intramurals, and other special occasions. Try to meet with the concerned personnel and leave your business card. You can start by creating printing designs for family, friends, and relatives. After a while, you will get instant referrals. You can also benefit from word of mouth advertising.

Be sure to upload photos and descriptions of your designs online. Your business is now visible all over the globe. You must offer new and unique designs to keep up with competition. A silk screen business is not that hard if you know the trade well. Conduct a local market study to determine if this business is viable. If it is, you can now proceed with startup. With less than $500, you can have the business running. On-going marketing efforts are vital to ensure a steady flow of income. What are you waiting for? Create your business plan today and use it as a guide. A simple plan is enough, as long as it covers the major areas of the business.


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