Starting a Network Consulting Firm

If you want to start a network consulting firm, you should know the industry well. This is a tough time but if you have the best staffs and you’re equipped with the right skills, you can succeed.

Draft a solid plan and use it as a guide. Choose your business structure and register the business.

About Network Consulting Firm

With your own consulting firm, you will be helping clients with planning, implementing, troubleshooting, and repairing IT projects. At times, the services can also encompass PBX systems, telephony, internet connectivity, WANs, LANs, and servers. Since you’re focusing on a network consulting firm, you will need several network consultants (which can include YOU) to work with executives and managers. A strong knowledge in IT networking is necessary to ensure success. In whatever endeavor you wish to enter, there is a need to possess the required knowledge, skills, and experience.

With a network consulting firm, you can offer different services. You have to focus on a certain area and specialize. Companies outsource some aspects of networking because internal employees lack the skills. In order to provide quality services, you will need to possess the exceptional skills in various kinds of solutions. Among the services you can offer are finding flaws in the security, working with Cisco routers, and other web applications. You can coordinate with other existing small firms in your area, so that you can offer clients with more services.

Business Structure and Marketing

The business should be registered and insured. A competent lawyer can assist you with the business’ legal structure. To limit the liabilities, you can operate as LLP or LLC. Mistakes can happen and you can incur a hefty sum. With proper protection, you can ensure the safety of your personal assets. General liability insurance should also be purchased. Hire your consultants carefully. Your staffs will represent the firm. There is a need to consider their technical abilities, customer service, and interaction with other people. It’s better to hire licensed professionals, so you no longer have to train them. An orientation may be enough for the firm to focus on a common goal.

Marketing the business to customers is very important. Its best if you secure a credential like that of CISSP or A+ and since may vary from one place to another you will need to inquire about it. Create a website and keep it updated. Customers respect firms with certifications. Don’t forget to be on top of networking functions to meet potential clients. Once you meet new acquaintances, make a good impression and build a good relationship. If customers trust you, they will be more than willing to do business with you or perhaps refer you to other prospects. Start your own network consulting firm today. Begin with a solid plan to be guided in addressing the different aspects of the business.


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