Starting a Gelato Business

This article would help you make the most out of everyone’s favorite dessert which is the gelato.

It is not that hard to build your own gelato business and make a lot of income out of it while having so much fun along the way.

Gelato is similar to one of the most loved deserts of all time, the ice cream. This food was said to be created by the Italians as a dessert, or a snack. Now, gelato has a lot of followers not only in Europe and the United States of America, but all over the world. A lot of gelato shops sprung up due to the increase in demand. You can see gelato stores on the streets, inside shopping malls and even in school canteens. There are even gelato businessmen who made it big and are now offering franchise opportunities to those who love the frozen dessert. If you want to start a gelato business, then read this article and be informed on the business.

To Franchise or Not

Early on in the planning stage of your business, you have to decide whether you would like to start from scratch, build your own gelato empire, or if you would just like to buy a franchise. Franchising, like owning your own store, has its pros and cons. With franchising, you will get full support in terms of marketing, equipment and ingredient purchasing and a cut on the existing market base. The down side is that you have to follow every rule and guidelines set up by the business franchise. There is no room for creativity and expansion.

Plan Ahead

Once you have decided whether to franchise or start your own gelato business, the next step is to start planning. Planning involves a lot of decision making and research. You have to put into writing your business model, your goals and objectives. You have to write down what you would like to achieve, how you are going to achieve it and when you plan on achieving it. Everything should be in writing so you see it everyday. Your employees should see it everyday too so they can get motivated. A business plan is important in having financial support. You need a solid business plan and model in order to convince banks to loan you the capital you need.

Store Location and Equipment

Now that you have your capital, you are ready to buy the equipment you need in making the gelato. Purchase quality yet affordable items. Remember that all costs will be passed down to your end consumers and you do not want them to see your product as overpriced. Location is very important as well in the business. Choose a store where your client base usually frequent so your business is very visible.


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