Starting a Digital Scrapbooking Business

Digital scrapbooking is considered today as the wave to conquer the future. This is designed for people who do not have any more time in sitting and making scrapbook from scratch. The hobby of scrapbooking will be made easier and faster with the help of the digital realm.

If you are also a scrapbook enthusiast, then why don’t you turn your hobby into a lucrative business which will give you more chance to earn green bills?

In this kind of business, the things you need to have are the following: photo paper and printer, template CDs for digital scrapbooking, photos saved on the computer and layer-supported Digital Imaging Software. Actually, this does not have a very careful planning because in the first place, you do not have to spend money in buying expensive equipments. Aside from that, you can also operate your business even though you are at home.

Steps to Start a Digital Scrapbooking Business

You must focus more in the marketing process. In order for the people in your area to know that you are having a business like this, you must post a large banner in front of your gate. You can also give out flyers and coupons.

You will also never have problems in the operation because this business is just so easy to learn. In terms of pricing, you must do it competitively especially if there are also businesses like this in your area. Aside from being creative, you must also capture the hearts of many potential customers by being reliable and trustworthy.

In the digital scrapbooking process, your photos must be transferred from the digital camera to the PC. After that, you need to create a basic layout. To make the first page, you can ask help from the programs which has lots of templates to select from. Next, you have to pick a photo that will serve as the page background. You can also choose a background that imitates the look of a traditional special paper. Next, you have to add a picture to the background. To make the page look more attractive and catchy, you can also add embellishments and die-cuts. Then, you need to choose a font size and style for the journaling and the titles as well.

After decorating it with more embellishments, you can already save it to a folder on a hard drive. Now, it is ready for printing! See? That is how easy the digital scrapbooking is. All you need to have is a little creativity.

Now, in order for you to have other features of digital scrapbooking, you must also check out the web to get freebies such as fonts, elements, papers and digital kits.


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