Start a Wholesale Distribution Business

Wholesale distribution business can be your road to financial stability. All you need is a good background in selling as well as keen eyes for merchandises that are very popular.

Stumbling in this page means that you are planning to start a wholesale distribution business.

Whether you are an employed manager wanting to manage his own business, or an employee who is bored with his job, this can be a great business. You will be trading the goods in exchange of profits. For entrepreneurs-to-be planning on starting a wholesale distribution business, there are 3 basic options that you could choose from. One is that you can purchase an existing business, or just start from scratch, or purchase into a business opportunity.

Differentiating the 3 Options

The first one which is to buy an existing business can be expensive and may even be a risk. It depends on the level of reputation, credibility, and success of the wholesale distribution business that you want to purchase. The advantage of buying an existing business is that you can inherit its existing clients and probably tap into the knowledge bank of the seller. These things are proven to be very valuable. The second option which is to start from scratch may also be expensive but this is all your doings and is guaranteed to be out of the existing reputation of an owner. The advantage of this option is that you will really try hard to establish a reputation because you will start at zero. This means a lot of marketing and sales for about 2 years until your customers are large enough to meet critical mass.

The most risky among the 3 options is the third one since business opportunities are required to be explored thoroughly before your hard earned money and time is put into it. Nevertheless, the right opportunity means training, support, as well as fast success if the original company has been proven reputable, durable, and profitable in the past. Then during the process of startup, you must check your own financial capability and decide if you are going to establish your business bases on full or part time. The full commitment means much faster success since you will be spending all your time on the success of your new company.

Anyone who starts a business knows that you need 2-5 years operating it in order to make it profitable. However, this really depends on the owner of a business. If the owner is really decided and will devote all his time and effort to the business, success will easily knock on his company’s door just within a year depending on the economy of the country he is in. This means that as long as you work hard, your business will eventually profit and achieve success.


  • subash kumar said on September 15, 2012
    my brother wants to start business in chennai.... business like mini super market and mobile topup etc.... India
  • Harsha said on November 21, 2012
    Raichur, Karnataka, India. I want to know the market demand about the products in this area (& also in Surrounding) to distribute and wholesale marketing for medicinal products, Pharmaceutical products and fertilizer products. And clarify me the procedure of licensing and starting the business.
  • Ugochi said on December 19, 2012
    I am in Portharcourt, Nigeria, I want to start a shop where i can sell clothes and accessories as wholesale, pls i need contacts of where to source for goods. Thank you.


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