How to Start a Flyer Distribution Business

Once you give, you will always receive. This is the truth with regard to a flyer distribution business because the more flyers you distribute, the more money will be knocking at your door.

In order for you to double your profit this year, the best business which you can venture into is no other than the flyer distribution business.

In this business, you will be able to succeed if you have guts in communication and in negotiation as well. It would also be much better if there are lots of small and big businesses in your area. Since marketing is a very important part of business, they will need a flyer distribution to help their goals come true. Here now comes your scene in the spotlight. But since competition among business is something that is inevitable, you need to evaluate if there are also flyer distribution businesses in your area.

Starting a Flyer Distribution Business

After the business planning phase, you must immediately proceed to talking to the business owners and managers in your municipality or area. Of course, you must ask them if they would like their promotional items, coupons, and menus delivered to the residents. Some of the top businesses which can be potential clients in your business are as follows: handyman Services, Painters, Lawn Maintenance, Landscapers, Fitness Centers, Oil Change and Pizza.

Mapping out the delivery area is also very important to be shown to the potential clients. You can also suggest starting in a certain number of homes. After a client has agreed to accept your service, you will already need to order plastic bags which can also be obtained online. Aside from plastic bags, you also need to purchase the needed materials for printing. For you to find cheap paper varieties and heavy grade copy machines, you need to do lots of canvassing in different stores and suppliers. If you are also good in communication, then you can be lucky enough to get discounts.

To make sure that green bills will be knocking on your door, of course, you also need to compute well on how much the clients will be charged and on how much will be given to the workers.
For you to get started legally, you also need to get a business license. It is in the city hall department where you must get and complete your application form. The cost only ranges from $50-$100 and you need to wait for a couple of weeks before it can be processed.


In order for you to help others while you earn more money, your workers can be students and moms who can work either on a part-time or full-time basis. Through this, your business can also be the avenue to lessen the rate of unemployment in your area.

Just like any other businesses, you also need to advertise your business so that the other businesses in your area will also have the chance to get to know yours.

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