Start a Pooper Scooper Business

Pooper Scoopers are the persons who clean up the dog’s wastes for their jobs. Being a pooper scooper is no laughing matter, for pooper scoopers are health and earth savers. Pooper scooper is the devise that is used in cleaning up the dog’s wastes.

It would normally consist of a poop bag and a brush or broom. Pooper scooper is also the term used to call a person who makes cleaning up the dog’s wastes as a job.

Prospects of Pooper Scooper Business

People nowadays are very busy. Some are rarely home, while some would just stay in bed rather than clean up the whole house on their free time. Indeed, people hardly find enough time to do their household chores. And one of those chores would be to clean up after their dogs. If you’ll take time to count households in your area that has dogs, you’ll realize how big that population is. And majority of the population belongs to the workforce. Thus, the dogs’ owners are very busy people. And yes, they need someone to clean up their dog’s wastes. And with that, they are willing to pay for pooper scoopers.

What’s the Sense of Being a Pooper Scooper?

Probably few people realize that pooper scoopers are earth savers. Dogs can easily cover the yard with a pile of their poops. As we all know, poops are good materials for composting. But if the poops decomposed near water lines or groundwater it could be easily mixed with the water and eventually be a source of E.coli. Poops can also be a source of flies and maggots. We all know how these little ones could endanger the health of so many people around by just touching the food people eat. Many environmental problems would arise if the dog’s waste is not properly disposed. And we owe the cleaning and disposal to the pooper scoopers.

Pooper Scooper Tools

The first investment pooper scoopers have is on their tools. For them to start operating in the neighborhood, they would be needing dustpans, brooms, brush, shovel, plastic/garbage bags, face masks, hand gloves, buckets, rakes, and tightly sealed trash cans. It is wise to have a vehicle such as a pick-up for easy transportation of wastes.

Waste Management

Animal Waste Management may vary in different locations. Pooper Scoopers must be aware of those rules and provisions for waste management. They have several options on where to take the waste that they get. They can throw it in any garbage bin, or the place may have a composting area where people can bring in their animal’s wastes, or they’ll bring the wastes in the nearby landfill.

Pooper Scooper Tips

  • Make your business known by giving away your business cards, flyers and posters, be published in the Classified ads, or through the Internet by making your website. Make online provisions for your clients, like online appointments, etc.
  • Keep track of all the services that you do. Account all the money that you earn from being a pooper scooper so that you’ll easily realize your profit.
  • Health is wealth. Be sure to have all the protection you can use in handling animal wastes. You wouldn’t want to use your profit in your hospitalization, right?


  • Marea Morton said on April 21, 2010
    Great One. My daughter liked this one and we have all the tools to start this business. This sounds like a good job for the summer for my daughter and if she sticks with it she can continue through the year. Great article. Were gonna give it a try. Plus you can reuse that old poop in composts,, we happen to live near a recycling center. Thanks for the advice. M Morton and Family.
  • Alison said on September 28, 2010
    I am just starting my business. My location is Wilton Manors, Fl. I have my business cards, cap w/ my logo, shirt w/logo, car door magnates, boots and bucket so far. I'll get my business license and tax #ID later this week along w/ ordering my scooper and bag inventory. I am excited to see what I can make of this.
  • ophola ndzululeka said on August 13, 2015
    I want to start a recycling company . where I collect sorting and processes glass and turn it into semi raw materials and sell it as a molten glass for companies that are making glass, jar and glass crafting company. now i'm struggling to get pricing of molten glass and also a cost production of making a molten glass.


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