How to Start Pet Waste Removal Business

You can earn profits in the Pet waste removal business which is one of the hottest home based pet businesses around the world. The positive aspect is that the investment required is almost minimal.

How to start a pet waste removal business depends upon the effort you are likely to put in the work and a little understanding of it.

Though somewhat different from other kinds of businesses but pet waste removal business is fast catching on with other businesses. The customers too are signing up for them. Scoopers are much in demand as the love for pets has only enhanced with time, with more and more people keeping them, so scoopers are needed. Though the pet owners enjoying having a large number of pets, take them for walks and even play with them but they don’t like to clean up their waste. It is here that the business of pet waste removal starts.

Things to Keep in Mind

But before proceeding you need to be aware of whether you are fit for the job or not. Is there much demand in your area? Do you own a transport system? Are you ready to work in extreme cold and hot weather conditions and that too picking up the pet waste? If the answer is yes than you think up of starting this business. Then, you need to purchase the required equipments which includes-shovel, disposable bags and gloves, lobby dust pan.

Profits you can Earn

Scoopers are making great profits in the USA. The prices may range from $7.50- $15 per dog per week. Scoopers who clean an average of 6 yards per hour earn $45 per hour. So you stand a chance of earning a whooping sum of $20,000 per month. Bi weekly plans are almost widely popular. The first cleanup for the customers may range from $85 to $100, this is especially in cases where the waste has not been cleaned for more than a year or so. This indeed is a great amount. In case if you are not interested in doing the job yourself then also you can hire other people, give them a wage and even then you stand a chance to earn great wages. As far as the waste is concerned, you can either collect it in plastic bags or leave it in the customer’s trash can or you can take the waste directly to the local landfill, whatever option suits you the best.

But in this job, the most aspect is to get more and more customers, which is possible only when you are able to give your business a wide publicity. For this you can give classified advertisements in various local newspapers, hoardings and also do mouth publicity. You can also put in a website, business cards, voice mail scripts, vehicle signs. Spring and fall are said to be the busiest months for this business where you stand a chance to earn more than $20,000. In Northern States the best time of business are the months of April till November since the ground is not frozen and covered with ice in these months.


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