Start a Non-Medical Home Care Business

Non-medical home care business has been an industry for sometime now and this is one kind of business does not only provide you the profit that you have projected but most of all this gives you the opportunity to help alleviate the everyday lives of many people.

. Start a non-medical home care business and see for yourself what I am saying.

A non-medical care business is a very rewarding business not only in the financial aspect but also in the knowledge that you are able to help people alleviate their everyday lives by taking care of their loved ones.

If you are considering on starting a non-medical home care business you have to study the entire business itself. Going into something which you hardly know will only mean wasting your time and your money. You have four options in doing this kind of business: purchase an existing company, join a membership network, purchase a franchise or start on your own. Either way you have to carefully study which option you prefer best. Research, research and more research is what you need to focus on at first. Do you have viable market in the area where you are planning to put up you non–medical home care business. It is best that you put you’re business in the affluent side of the area which you prefer to build your business since this is where most people who can afford to dish out money for the care of their loved ones.

Every company must create company guidelines and policies. This will be the creed of your non-medical home care business that must be followed strictly to ensure the safety of your staffs and most of your entire client. Bear in mind that you dealing with human beings and that extra care and attention are so badly needed. You wouldn’t want to be accused of mishandling your clients; this will be start of your downfall. Remember, create company guidelines and policies which are attainable and sustainable for you, your staffs and your client.

Secure a great team and hire the best employees; sales person, bookkeeper, accountants and auditors, heath care providers, physical therapists, nurses (RN/LPN), nurses’ aides and caregivers are just some of the staffs that you need in your non-medical home care business. Why hire these medical professionals even though you are running a non-medical home care? These are the people that have the education and the knowledge in the art of taking care of human lives.

Where do you get your clients? Get connected with hospitals, physical rehabilitation centers, churches, nursing facilities, charitable institutions and Non-Government Association’s which deals with people who need this kind of services and daycare and adult daycare facilities. These are just few institutions that can refer clients to your non-medical home care business.


  • Alex said on October 13, 2010
    Hi, I live in Philadelphia, PA. I am thinking about opening a home care agency. I don't know how to start. Please help.
  • jennifer said on December 26, 2010
    Hi I am thinking of starting up my own respite care agency. How do I get started with this. I live in the UK. Please help.
  • jennifer said on December 26, 2010
    Hi I want to start up my own respite care agency. How do I get started. please help
  • sanjay said on January 11, 2011
    hi i live in london and could you please guide me how i can establish a non-medical home care business in london and how do i get started with this
  • Sandra Lowe said on February 11, 2011
    After a 2 year hiatus (caring for my Mom) I'm looking at opening a business, I've never considered it an option to change fields and this caught my eye for several reasons. My former businesses were closely related to medical care, yet worlds apart. This wouldn't be a stretch, although a radical change.

    My Dad, 81, is living in a government VA retirement home and after a series of strokes qualified for an "Aid and Assistance" pension. He got His acceptance letter a bit over a week ago. The VA made me aware that the facility he is in is not licensed for assisted living. They are going to get away with it, most likely, for a while longer. My Dad is not willing to stay here and from what I understand, would eventually lose his pension should He not be in an assisted living facility and from what I understand, won't be very long.

    I have a house he is wanting to live in with me. He is exhibited anxiety, fear (He's scared to death he will be living in a state facility or on the streets, only when it's proven will that mindset be depleted. My words are not reassurance, his once powerful and 'in control' world has taken a turn.) He is dependent and denying this little slice of non-heaven.) Would it be possible to get my home licensed as an assisted living facility in Alabama and utilize your services? Is that acceptable? I spoke with a long-time friend and he is willing to be his home health care worker. He is licensed and experienced.

    If this is an option, what a wonderful bit of knowledge this would be, to kill two bird with one stone (my business AND my Dad a comfort zon., This facility has taken him so far down that He is now depressed, taken His dignity as He is treated like a child. The management uses "punishment" to intimidate. I'm so sad for my Dad, and in no way would I even approach Him to discuss this issue, I can't let Him feel I'm 'mothering' Him. I say nothing to the staff nor do I attempt to deplete His fear. (He practically holds me back if He has a suspicion that I may approach the staff, practically in tears.) The angst? I have been trying to deal quietly with.

    To be a part of making sure that another ill, lonely, or elderly person is made to feel this way is a blessing I can only dream of and imagine. I don't know if the pension would pay for this option, I'm hoping someone here can help me. I've looked on and can't find the info necessary. All in all, Dad is very upset that He will have to pay for the months He has lived here (we were told differently when being solicited) and give up the 'aid and assistance' program because he will not be in an licensed assisted living home, per se. To be able to overcome this obstacle is my immediate goal. If it is possible to have my home licensed, I would love to be a part of your business and training program.

    To see my Dad breathe a sigh of relief would be proof that Jiminy Cricket DOES exist and my indebtedness to your Company be, in order of importance, far and away above any financial investment that goes with the territory. To be in this business has never been considered. Now, I'm amazingly hopeful and excited about the prospect of this business, itself... not to mention the positive effect it would have on my Dad's situation.

    Thank you for indulging my lengthy e-mail and I look forward to interacting with the people that are posting on this forum and any advice that is out there will be greatly appreciated. I hope there will be a topic I can chime in on and be of assistance to someone, taking advantage of the beauty of forums... participating in the interaction. Thank you... Sandra Lowe
  • Wayne said on April 6, 2011
    I live in Phoenix Arizona, I have been thinking about the respite care business for awhile. I have just started doing research, do you have any ideas for me to get started?
  • Althea Brown said on March 1, 2012
    I am looking to start how a non medical home care business but I don't know how to go about it. I live in the Kansas City , Missouri area.
  • Lita Barkan said on September 4, 2012
    Hi I am thinking of opening a non medical home care business. I live here in Westbury New York, please help me how to go about it.
  • vickie dozier said on September 20, 2012
    requesting information regarding a home-health business in atlanta, GA
  • musse said on November 30, 2012
    i want to open my home-care business in east london, can u help
  • Latechia Stevenson said on January 23, 2013
    Hi I really want to open an non-medical home care business but how do i get my feet off the ground. Help me please. I am trying to open my business up in durham nc
  • Susan Gukk said on February 22, 2013
    I live in Bakersfield California and I am wanting to start up a non medical home care business. I am going to be starting out myself as a worker and inhome person. I have no start up money and no backing financially. I hope to start small and than work up to more employees.
  • David said on May 16, 2013
    Looking to start a non-medical respite care service in Southern CA. Was wondering what the process is, and what certifications are necessary to get it started. Thanks!!
  • Lanita said on July 21, 2013
    I am looking to start a non-medical respite care service in Chicago IL. for children/adults with Developmental Disabilities and Autism. I am going to be starting out myself as a worker and in home therapist I am starting small and hope to work my way up to hiring more employees. If there is any advice you can offer please help. Thanks....
  • Dontrelle said on October 16, 2013
    I am looking to open a pca, respite care and sil business in New Orleans, La. Can you please guide me into opening this type of business. PLEASE HELP
  • Sandra said on November 21, 2013
    What business license are required to start a non medical home care business in California?
  • Patricia Eaddy said on January 24, 2015
    I would to start my own non medical business. All I have is me and a car. In florence south Carolina the employees work from the car to the clients house. I was also informed that I need a secured file cabinet so that i can keep the clients files. So can you please tell me what else I need. I already have a plan but I need a little guidance.
  • Peter said on January 26, 2015
    My wife and I would like to start a non-medical home care in CA. We want some information on the requirements that are needed. Based on my research, we just need to have a business license, insurance and that's it. Not sure if there are any licensures or certifications needed. Please help
  • raquel said on November 20, 2016
    @Peter, There are a lot more requirements than a business license and Insurance. Beginning 2016, a non medical care agency in CA is required to have an organization license to operate. If you are interested, you may contact me so I can help you from start to finish. my email is
  • tammy said on December 31, 2016
    If you are looking for assistance on how to start a non-medical Homecare business in Missouri, please contact me at


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