How to Start an Adult Foster Care Business

In starting an Adult Foster Care business, it will take a lot of research from you and at the same time putting your heart into it to give your clients the appropriate services that may be loved and in turn recommended by the older people and their families.

Nearly there are more than a million aged people that are living in the urban and rural areas by themselves.

And almost all of them are starting to have difficulty in moving around and doing other household tasks by themselves. Some are even being burdened by their illnesses that totally affect their daily life. Old people normally are left behind by their children once they already have built a family of their own. These old folks are then left alone to survive by their own means. But in their age, it is already difficult to even get hired for a job. They are lucky if their children would take them along to live together in a house with them. But if they do not have children or relatives to take care of them, normally they would be taken in by social workers so they will be brought to an Adult Foster Care Home, where all aged people are being brought to be cared for in absence of a responsible relative. Or the family themselves would bring their senior family members in the care of a retirement house.

If you are interested in entering a business relevant to caring for aged people, then and Adult Foster Care business may be the one for you. And if you are still wondering how to start an Adult Foster Care business, then you may read on for further enlightenment.

You may start by doing a research on the nearby homes for the aged. It is even better if you could look into the services and facilities that they have for their clients. You may also have a little survey among families who have availed the services of an adult foster care home. This way, you’ll get to have a gist on what is needed by the customers and what are the possible things you can already provide for them. And then later on, you may decide what else to add up in the usual services given to old people so as to make your business different from the other adult foster care homes. You may also interview people who have been into the business way earlier than you. They may provide you with tips on how to start an Adult Foster Care business. They may even refer you to some other resource person that could help you as you stert you way into this kind of business.

Now, it is time for you to draft or construct your business plan. Your business plan constitutes your mission, vision, specific services, clients, facilities, and the structure of your foster care home. As a start, you should define your purpose of building such a business for senior adults. You should be able to answer the following questions in order to set the perfect mission of your business: What kind of Adult Foster Care are you aiming to establish? How do you plan to serve your clients with this kind of business?

Next, envision your business after ten or twenty years. Where do you think your business will be after that span of time? Set a goal for your business to reach so that you and your employees will have a direction serving the older people.

Then, having known the different services that other adult nursing homes provide, identify now the services you are capable to give the customers. Plan your programs for them in the aspects of leisure, cleanliness, proper diet, physical fitness, therapy and medications, and some time for the family. You may even add your own trademark services in this lineup.

Then, know who your clients are. Will they be the sickly old people? Or those senior citizens who are just looking for a place to retire to? This is important for you to know so you will also have an idea what other services your clients might need from you.

Lastly, look for suppliers and constructors about the facilities and infrastructures you are planning to have for your business. There are specialized equipment for old people that you may acquire for their use. Just browse thru the internet if you still need more resources regarding these.

Starting an Adult Foster Care business really requires a lot of research and a heart so you will know the right and proper way to give love and care for the older ones. Your mission is to make their ageing lives into something they will not regret, instead make it something meaningful for them.


  • QIANNA said on February 1, 2011
    Hi my name is Qianna Jackson and am trying to start my own AFC home I am a certified nurse assistant, medical admin. assistant and EMT. how do I get started. I have a home section 8 approve. how do I get a contract.
  • Tieasha Brown said on April 15, 2011
    Detroit MI West Grand BLVD I'm certified dcw and medical assistant about to start school for CNA in two weeks
  • heather sloan said on July 18, 2011
    Wanting to start my own adult foster care here in ohio
  • letitia said on July 21, 2011
    i'm trying to start my own business of adult foster care but i want to know is do i have to have a license with less than three clients and how do i get my clients?
  • Deepak Mishra said on June 26, 2012
    Hi, I want to start a care home in India as i feel very strongly for the elders who are not being looked after by their families and want to help them with a god business plan at the same time. Please provide some ideas on how to go about the same? Regards, Deepak
  • Afifa Pervez said on July 24, 2013
    I live in HA0 area in London and would like to open my own Adult Foster Care business. Where do I approach for the License and How. I do have 12 Years of experience of Fostering myself.
  • sophia record said on October 18, 2014
    Hi my name is sophie. I am interested in opening my own adult foster care businesses
  • Priscila said on April 25, 2019
    How to start adult foster care?


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