How to Start a Home Daycare Business

Do you love it when children are around you? Do you love taking care of children even if they are not yours?

So why don't you put up a business where you can have children, take care of them and be their guardian for a day or so.

Nowadays people are getting busier and busier everyday due to work and other commitments. Some parents hire nannies to take good care of their child while they are away, but knowing the world today, it is not that safe to left your baby to a nanny. That is why more and more people choose to leave their babies in to a day care center where it is safer, and your baby can make friends along with other babies whose parents are also busy like you.

Building up a day care center at the comfort of your own home is not as difficult as it seems, though it is also not as easy as it seems. You need a lot of things when starting a day care business.

So here are some useful tips on how you can start your day care business at the comfort of your own home:

  • One of the most important things to do is know the rules and regulation when it comes to child care. You should also know the codes for health and cleanliness in order for you to know what to do with the area where you are going to put up your business.
  • You should know what areas should be kept private for you and your family and let the people know that it is a restricted area and no one is allowed to enter there but you and your family.. Think of an area in your house where you can put up your business. You should also have a small playground for them outside your home. As you all know children love to play, so giving them a little space to play and fool around is definitely a must.
  • Buy safe to play toys for outdoor use. Make sure to choose vibrant colors as this is important to children. They are still developing their senses therefore providing them something that they can practice their senses on is definitely a must.
  • Find someone whom you can trust to substitute you, when you are not available. It could be a friend or a family member, just always make sure that she or he has the ability to take care of children and most specially very trustworthy.
  • Plan your business hours. Since their parents are too busy working. Make your business hours available from early morning up to the normal close of business establishments. This will allow parents to pick up their children from your day care.
  • Another important thing to remember is to provide the children meals, usually hot meals during lunch time and small snacks such as cracker or bread with juice and water during afternoon. You should follow the health and safety code locally to avoid having problems in the long run. Make sure that children don't go near the kitchen.
  • Learn how to talk to the parents. Be honest about everything, like if their child causes too much trouble talk to them about it, because some children might get affected by their child's attitude. Talk about certain fees like tuitions; remind them about it before the due date to avoid having problems.

One of the most important things in establishing a day care center is having a passion about what you do. Having passion to children you don’t even know. Don’t forget to consider some things before opening up a business at your home. Remember to consult your family about your plan for them not to be surprised when suddenly they hear children running and playing around your house.


  • diva said on May 4, 2010
    To whom it may concern: Your article was helpful but will it be okay to send me more tips on how to set up a home daycare because i am planning to put one in my home in next few months. Thanks very much. Diva
  • mrunalini said on August 14, 2010
    I want more details for this daycare business and one more thing is lam not having a own home so if i opened in rent house is this will be profitable or not. plzz give me more tips for this business. thank u very much. mrunalini
  • Helina tadesse said on March 21, 2011
    Dear, I am a mother of one year old baby and i was thinking of starting a daycare center , i need information on how to arrange the rooms and decor it as well . and one important thing i need your advise on , better ways to set up a baby care in africa , cause i am writing you from Addis Ababa, ethiopia . Thank you . Helina Tadesse
  • tigist ali said on March 22, 2011
    Dear, I am working now in Bright Beginning Day care center in Bahrain, i know how to arrange the room & decor it as well. i have also a good experience with children i love children i like stay with them. my work position is assistant teacher. i am planing to open daycare in Ethiopia so i want co-per to work together please contact with me thank you My God bless you Tigist Alebachew.


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