Start a Market Stall Business

If you want to start a market stall business, you will have to choose between the options available for you. You can start out from scratch or you can also check out the local car boot sale.

The stalls are not that expensive and are usually reasonably priced. Create a business plan that will address all the aspects of the business.

Starting a Market Stall Business with a Small Capital

Do you want to become the boss and enjoy flexible working schedules? If you do, you can run your own market stall business. This is your chance to work in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Before you go any further, you will need to prepare a business plan. The plan should study the existing competition and help you determine if this can be a great way to earn money. Market stalls are quite common in some places and if you think you can compete with other stall owners, go ahead and you will have a chance to make some money.

After acquiring the first stall, you can buy new or second hand ones. Since you are going to be in the market stall business, you have to acquire several of stalls. You can sell your own products in one stall while the other stalls can be rented out by others who want to sell products in stalls. Just in case you buy a second hand stall, you have to check for missing or damaged parts. Don’t forget to look into the cover and it should still be of good quality. All counter boards should fit into the stalls well. A new stall can cost around £123. With proper care, the stalls can last for many years.

Another Option to Open a Market Stall Business

Another option would be to check out check out the local car boot sale during weekends. Before going there, you have to determine the arrangements like the setup time, frontage dimensions, and pitch cost. In most cases the earlier you arrive, the better although the setup time can run from 5:30 in the morning to 8:30 am. Try to determine the costs involved because this will also determine the size of the stall. This is ideal if you still haven’t got any stall at all.

A market stall business is a great way to sell your own products while the rest of the stalls can rented to others who don’t have any stalls yet. Determine the rental rates of the stalls and it would be best to make a contract. You can consult a lawyer for the legal matters. Don’t forget to secure a business license so that you can operate the business legally. You can consult with the local government agency concerned to identify the best location for the stalls. In most cases, you will be putting the stalls in the commercial area. With adequate knowledge, you can surely manage this kind of business with ease.


  • bucks said on February 7, 2012
    i want to open a stall business here in zamboanga city.. and i have plan to rent in one of the mall here... i already canvas the area.. i am thinking right now what particular will i open.. my plan is a food business.. can you help me what is the best stall business i will open.. tnx
  • Mark said on July 4, 2012
    Hi.I want to start a stall that is a permanent structure in a arcade. My business will be selling, blankets, bedding, curtains and accessories. How is do I best plan about doing my business. It is situated in a small city called kimberley in south africa


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