Setting Up a Consultancy Business

Setting up a consultancy business would require hard work and patience in dealing with other people. This kind of business is involved in providing solutions to the various needs of different companies.

Thus, before you start this kind of business make sure that you have deep knowledge and skills in order to carry out the job well.

A consultancy business is an ideal venture even in times of recession. This is because there are lots of individuals and other companies looking for the services of consultancy firm. However, it is not that easy to start the business as what you think. It is necessary to know the important steps that can guide you in setting up as well as running the business.


The first thing that you should do when planning a consultancy business is to do research. However, before you start the research, you need to decide the kind of consulting business you will offer. This is because there are various kinds of consulting services that you can offer to different businesses and companies. Likewise, you should also identify the target niche so that you will not find hard time in doing the research. When doing the research you will need information relevant to the business you want to start. You can attend trainings and workshops that can help enhance your knowledge and skills. Keep in mind that the key to becoming an efficient consultant is to be skillful in PowerPoint and word processing.


After you have done with the research, the next step that you should pay attention to is preparing for press release. This is very important so that people will know about the service you are offering. In writing the press release make sure that it has story attached. You need also to prepare the necessary templates according to the consultancy services that you will offer. Likewise, you need to prepare at least two presentations that you can show to your prospect clients. As you will be dealing with business executives it is good to note to look successful and expensive so that clients will trust you. In terms of the service rates you can consider package services in which many companies are looking for.

Moreover, the research and preparation will not materialize unless you launch your business. There are lots of activities that you should do in this stage such as networking, advertising and marketing your business. Obtain list of different companies that will need your expertise in affordable charges. Once you got potential customer the last thing that you should do is to make a proposal that include the scope of work, the cost, the terms and references as well as the advantages of getting your services. Keep in mind that when giving presentation you should build client interaction and demonstrate your skill in consultancy.


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