Running an Organic Goat Farming

These days more and more people are going organic. Meaning, many people are now realizing the importance of eating organic or natural foods.

It can be livestock, vegetables or fruits that do not use synthetic or man-made fertilizer or feeds.

Goat is known to have a healthy and nutritious meat as well as smooth and silky fur, a reason why many people like goat. If you want to raise goat, organic goat farming is the best option.

Why Organic Goat Farming?

Organic farming is now very popular in Europe and US. This is because it supports to care for the environment and going natural means you can avoid some of the side-effects of artificial methods of raising a livestock. In this type of raising goat, it uses the traditional methods and ways in terms of production and caring. Even though, the production is not as fast as the other technique and it can also be challenging you can assure that the product is high in quality.

Another reason why organic goat is supported by several agencies is the quality of the meat. There are some research done recently and it shows that the quality of meat from factory methods may not be healthy because it uses boosters and enhancers for the goat to look healthy and meaty. It also shows that there are some that can cause cancer and other diseases, so raising a goat in organic farm is the best choice.

Tips on Starting Organic Farming

Starting goat farm is not easy. So, if you want to run a farm, it is ideal if you can start from the scratch. The first thing to do is to make an effective plan. A farm requires space, so it is ideal if you can have a land that you can use to raise a goat. Make sure the land is large enough, so that the goat can roam around freely. Now that you have the space or land, you can now arrange their shelter, be sure to use natural materials that they can use for them to sleep and grow. This can be challenging task but the fruit of your hard work will surely bring you fortune.

Consult the Expert

If you don’t have the knowledge on how you can run a goat farming, it is very ideal if you can consult an expert that can help you understand how you can run organic goat farming. Keep in mind that it is all natural, so you will just use all the natural methods.

The Advantages of Organic Goat Farming

  • The profit from this farming is a worth, since organic foods and products are expensive than the typical products.
  • They also produce rich and healthy milk.
  • Goats are generally friendly animals too, meaning, they are not just for production of milk, meat or fur they also great for cuddling and playing especially children.


  • M D BHEEMANAIDU said on April 19, 2012
    we are having 30 acres of land in Mysore south-India we are running dairy with 20 cows we want to start goat farming please guide me BHEEMANAIDU M D
  • Mukesh Kumar said on May 31, 2012
    we are having 01 acres of land in western uttar pradesh in India we want to start goat farming and want to goat lending to poors in rural area. please guide me for Goat farming and about Legal aspects for goat lending .
  • mahipalreddy kaila said on June 9, 2012
    i have 5 acres of land in Hyderabad surroundings i want to start goat farming business guide me for dynamic business man in meat processing
  • teresita sakuma said on August 1, 2012
    i have 6,635 sq meter land ,and i am planing to have my own farm , goat, pig, chicken, and vegetables. and fruits, and it is very near to the sea, can you advice me how to start with this kind of business
  • Sandip Bornare said on August 14, 2012
    Please suggest me if anyone can help me ....i want to start the goat farm in nasik and 5 acre of lad please suggest me ..


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