Growing Honeydew Melons

Honeydew melons are known for its delicious and watery flavor. It is also unique because of its smooth and cream-colored outer skin without any ridges. Typically, it takes 120 days after germination before it can produce tasty and sweet melons. This fruit is well-known in Asia, Europe and other areas.

This fruit is very ideal especially if you want a healthy fruit on your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Indoor Farming of Honeydew Melons

Honeydew lemons require long season for growing and melons are ideal to be started at indoors approximately 3 weeks after the last winter. The seeds must be sown ½ inches in deep small pots or flats, sowing three seeds for each pot. The moist must be just on average while waiting for the seeds to be germinated. In addition, honeydew seeds will show great germination with enough amount of heat. The soil must be between 80 - 90 degrees, which may require a heat mat.

When the seeds begin to germinate, the temperature of the soil must be lowered to 70 as well as to reduce the water. After the first set of the leaves started to develop, again, reduce the water but do not allow the plant to become dry.

The plant must be hardened by exposing it to outdoor climate. Then transfer the plant to permanent location during the late spring. As much as possible, it is ideal to transfer honeydew on overcast day to avoid wilting and to provide more agreeable situation for the plant to grow.

Outdoor Honeydew Melons Farming

In case, you have a long hot season in your region, it can be grown from seeds to the garden directly. To assure ripening in some areas with shorter cooler weather and growing seasons, be sure to choose fast-maturing types of honeydew melons, start to plant inside, you can also use IRT plastic mulch to warm the soil. To protect the plants, use a fabric row covers.

Choosing a Site

This fruit enjoys a warm and well-drained soil with pH 6.5-7.5. Plentiful moisture, consistent needed for the fruit to reach its maximum size. The temperature of the soil should be higher 50F or else the melons will not grow rapidly. Try to use fabric row and black plastic to speed the warming of the soil. Sandy types of soils are best option to assure that the plant will have the time to grow.

Maintaining Honeydew Melons

Maintaining is simple you just have to be consistent when caring for it.

  • Be sure that it gets enough amount of heat it needed for them to grow.
  • It is not ideal for regions with rainy weather.
  • The best time to plant is during the summer season.
  • To avoid insects and other pest to attack the melon, make sure to use natural pesticides.


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