Rejection Business Letter

There are ways or steps that you can use in order to reject business letter. These are very useful in order to professionally say no to some of your applicants.

If you are planning to adapt those steps, the right choice is reading this article.

Saying no to an applicant may sometimes cause an employer a hard time. There are several ways that you can use in order to reject. By doing that, it will not bother you whether you cause offense to that particular applicant or not.

The Heading

One way of professionally rejecting a business is to create a letter itself. What you just need to make it possible is the use of some materials like coupon bond, computer, stamps and of course printer.
The initial thing to do is to create the heading of your letter. You should include here the name of the applicant then followed by his address. There are some instances that the pertinent applicant information is written incorrectly in the heading part. Avoid it so that an applicant that you will reject will not view it as a separate individual.

Greeting and Body

After the heading part, you may create a greeting that addresses the name of that particular applicant. It is highly advised that you should avoid handwriting the greeting and the name of the hopeful. In the first line of the body, you may state there your gratitude to the candidate.

Your sincere thanks regarding his invested interest, time and effort must also be stated. This will lessen the disappointment feeling at the end. After that, you may state the applicant’s qualifications, motivation, experience and enthusiasm in responding for the call of opportunity.

As you are typing the next paragraph, make sure that you will not state there that you have found someone better than him. This will create a sense of humiliation on the part of the applicant. Avoiding those words will not cause decline in the self-esteem of the applicant.

Other Elements of the Body

You may also add to the body the procedures that were done by the company. Do not mention things that will cause false reassurance to the applicant, instead type down words that will not offend the aspirant. You must also observe usage of words that can impact the applicant. So, construct a sentence that will not look too straight to the point and not too flowery. In ending the body, you may extend your wishes for good luck in his next career hunting. This will cause positive message to the applicant. Thus, there will be lesser emotional load to him.

Closing the Letter

In closing the letter, it is advised that you should use the phrases "best wishes” or "sincerely yours" because this appears to be more professional than the other closing phrases available. Below this closing phrase, you need write your name and the title that you have. Make sure that you have provided extra space above your printed name for your signature.


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