“Raising Mango Trees for Business”
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  • kasase joshua said on July 12, 2013
    hi, am kasase in Tanzania I Have 10 acre i wish to start cultivate mango please i bag your advice what strategies should i use to achieve my goals
  • Ye ye myint said on August 12, 2013
    Hi, I am from myanmar. I have 200 acre. My mango trees are flowering but they are not grown fruits. So, please guide me how I do my mango trees.
  • mathias said on October 5, 2013
    hi, i'm from tanzania i have a land 100 acres in kisarawe coastal region, i'm interesting with mangoes tell please guide me
  • hayford joe narh, ghana - somanya said on October 23, 2013
    I grow mango seedlings of various varieties for sale on commercial quantities, I have over 50000 thousand pieces, you can reach me on:00233-(0)249219956, or narhhayford@yahoo.com. Waiting for your calls for smooth business transactions.
  • hayford joe narh, ghana - somanya said on October 23, 2013
    To abeiku, yambor, Davidson and Riverson, can you please reach me on 0249219956, or narhhayford@yahoo.com for your information. thank you
  • prakash said on November 9, 2013
    We grow 200000 Kesar mango plant every year in Gujarat. If anybody wants to buy please contact on following Address. Mango plant rate count on plant height. We supply Gujarat best Kesar mango plant. Prakash Mango farm, Dist:Amreli, Gujarat, India Cell no. 09537172640
  • hayford joe narh beginner adviser said on December 8, 2013
    @M B Kawuwa, you need to know the varieties that do well in your area or region, moreover, when do you have the raining seasons, check whether the weather or the climate where you intend farming will be favorable for maximum yielding and easy diseases pests control, these are factors you consider.

    narhhayford@yahoo.com || Expert

  • benson mbogo said on December 19, 2013
    hello. i got around 10,000 grafted mango seedlings of the following varieties apple mango, kent, tommy atkin, vandyke, ngowe. please incase you require any seedlings please contact me 0719601814
  • Frank Kyalo said on January 3, 2014
    I'm Frank from Machakos County Kenya. I would appreciate if I could get the contacts of Mr Charles Ochiel Odira. I have started mango farming but I need professional guidance. Kyalohfm@yahoo.com.+254 719285333 Thanks. Frank
  • md abdur rashid sohag said on January 28, 2014
    hello dear, i am from bandarban, bangladesh. i have 100 acre land and sufficient water resource in my land. i want to grow a mango orchard at my land. please tell me how many mango tree can i plant and how much cost will be need for it? please tell me details of cost and income.
  • Zubair said on March 3, 2014
    Hello, We have mango farm near tumkur, karnataka. We would like to sale our farm mangoes. Over past 6 years we are supplying mangoes to pune company, now we are looking for a new company for improvisation. Please suggest us.
  • Merchant Noorul Hasan said on March 4, 2014
    sir, Zubair. I'm from Mumbai I would like to buy ur mango. can u give information about the mango u have in ur farm or give me ur cell num. or call me on 09320852530. Thank you Merchant Noorul Hasan
  • Nazir Ahmed said on March 18, 2014
    Hello I would like to know What variety of hybrid mangoes can be grown in Lilongwe and Salima district and looking for tree planting nurseries and caring to maturity between 25 to 30 acres phase 1 increase to 100 acres phase 2. Thanks
  • C.SURESH said on April 24, 2014
    Dear Nazir Ahmed, I am Suresh from Kerala state of India. You can try Indian Mango varieties like Alphonso, Banganapally, Kesar etc for your proposed plantation. If you can give general climate, rain season etc, we can recommend suitable variety. We are planing to do a demonstration plantation at Luwero District of Uganda under a consultancy job. If interested, you are WELCOME to India to see High tech Ultra High Density Mango plantation and select a suitable seedling variety. Under above cultivation, average production is around 6 to 8 Metric Tons per acre. With regards, C.Suresh, India 00919349607427 sureshchittu@gmail.com
  • Brandford Asare-Yeboah said on April 27, 2014
    i have a young group known as young investors which we have a land of 12 hectares but we need a manual magazines of advice on mango production and also your consultancy whenever we need help. i truly believe our request will be kindly accepted and mail to us.thanks
  • C.SURESH said on April 28, 2014
    Dear @Brandford Asare-Yeboah, I am happy to help your group. If my limited knowledge is not sufficient, I can rope in Good professors and field experts to help your group depending up on requirements. Please mail me in detail sureshchittu@gmail.com
  • Tracy Nolan said on May 30, 2014
    We recently purchased 8 hectors of good farming land near Santa Fe, Panama. I am an organic farmer and would like to grow organic mangoes for export to the United States. Our land is cleared and fertile and we have access to spring water as well as the Santa Maria River which is accessible from our land. We would like to import hybrid dwarf mangoes that can be picked green and will ripen in transport. Any information you could share with me would be most appreciated! Thank you! Sincerely, Tracy & Ken Nolan gardeningsecrets@gmail.com 219-477-5200
  • Prakash Dattatraya Pawar said on June 10, 2014
    Hello, I am into horticulture since 1982 ,I have just completed the Project Cultivation of Mangoes For business @commercial profits ,I have 1497 mango grafted mother trees, From which we make grafts ,we may have spread the Mango culture @have sold about 500000 mango grafts since 1994. We grow countryside varieties for grafting Alphanso & Keshav varieties, Brand name of my Farm is Nirzer Farms, I would request you to visit our site NIRZER FARMS Google As an experienced horticulturist I will be able to answer all your queries as an agriculrist. Kindly Feel free to interact Regards, Prakash D.Pawar, email prakashdpawar@yahoo.co.in, +919822999990 +919923135171
  • Ayub said on June 17, 2014
    I have 3 years old mango tree which is only 4ft tall what is the cause of not growing efficiently as other tree nearby.
  • Rwe Ruta said on July 8, 2014
    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Good information sharing and inquiring here. Please make sure when you type your message here, you indicate the country, location/region, and contacts - especially email addresses - in case someone needs to contact you for service, advice, and more. for instance, how does one contact: (1) Manas Siboro; (2) Dominic (TZ); (3) Gabriel A. Mushi; (4) Betty (Mukono), ANTHONY MRISHO NGAICharles Ochiel Odira; Turyagyenda Chris, etc? Thanks a lot. Rwe Ruta: rweruta@yahoo.com
  • Norma said on July 14, 2014
    From Miami, Florida. My niece lives in a home where there is over 100 trees of mangoes and no cares for them. They do not own the property they rent a home. The owners are elderly. How can I find a company who would care for the mangoes, pack, sell and will they make a profit. Trying to help the property owners in need
  • Lady said on July 30, 2014
    Hi I am Lady from the Philippines, I am currently having my thesis about a Mango Plantation, I would like to know where can I have details about the machinery use in the production of Mango! Thank you!
  • Said Lubuva said on August 5, 2014
    I am a Tanzania on plan to start Mango Project farm with 15 hectares at Kisarawe Coast Region, need necessary information.
  • manivannan said on August 7, 2014
    how many mango plant set up in ten acre land
  • damodar singh yadav said on August 22, 2014
    I am thinking from last few years for this type of projects mango tree not small plants carting by a truck today I read the same like my think its very interesting.
  • Onyango obiero said on November 10, 2014
    Charles Ochiel odira, please contact me on 0722896752. i have already planted some 375 seedlings and need another 200. What is the price per Tomy Atkins seedlings? My farm is in Kisumu-Seme
  • Abraham Marangu said on February 1, 2015
    I am a farmer from Tharaka Nithi County Chuka Mariani sub Location Kanwa market. I have a tree nursery for various trees and fruit seedlings such as mango varieties pawpaws Gravelia ornamental trees my phone 0723296766 or 0724807758
  • Prem Pratick Kumar said on February 11, 2015
    I have a Big mango Farm and can tell the below
    - Do a soil analysis or check the local area for the type of mango trees that are already been planted in the area.
    - Put wind barriers or other big tress at the boundaries to save the mango trees.
    - Water should be sufficient.
    Thanks, Prem Pratick Kumar
  • shehu muazu said on February 13, 2015
    Hi am a Nigerian from the north i own 100 hectares of land and want to start a commercial mango plantation help me with a business plan
  • mehul dhhaduk said on February 18, 2015
    we r produce 5 lack grafted mango tree in a one year. variety of mango: keshar, hafus, jamadar, langdo. if u interested to buy our product plz contact. surat, gujrat india mo:09998057568
  • Nilesh Salpe said on March 15, 2015
    we already have a plot consists of about 400 MANGO trees and some CASHEW tree in RATNAGIRI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA.. until now i never give much attention on it and sells it in very less cost..but from this year we wish to expand our own business in this field.. so suggest me an good options about selling our alphonso mango in market.. we also have an small nursery of mango plant...plz mail me.. mob no-- 9222239442 / 7776068573. nilesh.salpe26@gmail.com
  • nurul hassan gazi said on May 14, 2015
    I have a biggest nursery. There have "THAILAND PRODUCT MANGO 9733739783 west bengal kolkata basirhat
  • ashrafrao said on June 7, 2015
    I WANT TO START A MANGO BUSINESS OUR ORGANIZATION WE HAVE 30 ACRES READY for fruiting MANGO TREES, Alipur, Punjab, Pakistan & a large number of pomegranate trees. i want to sale these ripened fruits if some one is ready to purchase these fruits then can coordinates with me at my mobile number +923337671436 and the following mail address; ashraf_847@yahoo.com and i am an Environmentalist and also have an experience of dairy farming and have a number of cows and buffaloes. From these i can also provide all related things. thanks
  • Jigar Patel said on June 15, 2015
    i want to purchase mango tree kalam in bulk kindly guide to me. How to buy it
  • Danstand said on August 10, 2015
    Hi I'm Danstand from Ghana. I have 100 acres of land and I'm going to start a mango plantation come January 2016. I've the management and business expertise but lack in horticulture. I need partners all over the world, contact me through danstandatubga@yahoo.com or on +233202507074. I have copies of a 50 paged proposal
  • ankit gupta said on August 28, 2015
    hi! I live in uttar pradesh, INDIA....i have mango farms how can i business with them... i was thinking to be A supplier for a company like pepsi and coca-cola... plz.. anyone could help me out in telling me that what should i do...
  • Kedarnath Kshirsagar said on September 7, 2015
    Sir, i am kedar from Maharashtra(Solapur). I am interesting in grafted mango tree and I'm interested in kesar mangoes. and I want to close plantation of mangoes tree, but i need some information about the following points
    • How many trees are planted in one acre
    • How much time will take to get the first fruit
    • How many mangoes expected per tree in the first harvest after 4 years
    • Highest price of mangoes in india what type of climate will suit that type of tree
  • Raghuvirsinh Jadeja said on November 16, 2015
    I am from Talala haven for kesar mango , Gujrat gir dirtrict , India have a more than 6000 mango tree on 40 acre land want to export mango
  • nirmal majumdar said on December 11, 2015
    Hi i am nirmal mojumdar from west bengal india. I have ten bighas of mango farming of good quality mangoes with varieties such as langda , amrapali, himsaagar etc. anyone interested in buying these mangoes or take in leese per year can contact 7508966009
  • DOKURUGU ABUKARI said on January 6, 2016
    My name is Dokurugu Abukari from Tamale, Ghana, West Africa. I just got a call on 5th January,2016.to submit a proposal for 20 acres mango plantation. please can i have a sample of such proposal Thank you
  • Omer said on January 25, 2016
    Hi. My name is Omer. I am planning to start a business of mangoes and oranges. I have 800 acres of fertile and irrigated land, in Pakistan. I am planning to grow each fruit on 400 acres of land. Can I please have an estimate of how many mangoes can I get from 200 acres of land. Thank you. Best regards
  • Mariam Adam said on February 22, 2016
    Hi, I would like to start up a small business on 2 hecter of land at Makindu.in this small farm I planning to grow mangoes.Kindly advice me on the soil texture and water and any other thing like fertilizers etc. regards, Mariam
  • Abudu said on April 6, 2016
    I am interested in venturing into mango farming in Naga in the Upper East Region of Ghana.I've over 1000 acre land earmarked for my mango farming business.Sir,how many trees fit into an acre and what variety will you recommend ?
  • Nana Kwaku Duah said on April 9, 2016
    I have a 30 acres land at Aseseeso near Somanya in the Eastern Region of Ghana.I want to go into mango farming.I need a project write up to be able to access a loan for it. Can you help me with it?
  • Hayford Joe Narh said on April 19, 2016
    Abudu, you can plant between 100 to 120 pieces per acre in that location. I will recommend Keit for you
  • Global Investment Inc said on February 2, 2017
    We are buyer of apple mango only please email the price, how much you can supply, where it is coming from.
  • Daniel Mason said on September 16, 2017
    I am in Ghana and want to start mango farm on commercial basis ,plz help
  • Daniel Mason said on September 16, 2017
    I also need help in writing a business plan and proposal for the mango farm business. Kindly email or call +2330556925420/0240452483
  • PRAVEEN BHATE said on April 21, 2018
  • Sumeet said on May 22, 2018
    Anil farm - the Golden nursery is one of the most trusted mango plants nursery in Sasan Gir, Gujarat. They provide very good quality kesar mango plants to farmers who are planning to start a mango farm. The plants are very healthy and give good results. Their clients range from big companies like Reliance and Essar to small farmers. +91 9158946606
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