Preventive Maintenance Planning

Preventive maintenance planning prevents from possible failures and breakdown of equipment. There are lots of activities involve in doing the planning that requires technical know-how.

Any company using different equipment should employ preventive maintenance planning to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

The procedure in preventive maintenance planning is quite challenging and technical. This is not a task for anybody because this would require technical knowledge of carrying out the job. The process aims to prevent deterioration of equipment as well as buildings and ensure optimal efficiency. The planning starts in making inventory of the equipment, updating the database, creating new schedules or templates as well as evaluating task assignments.

How Does Preventive Maintenance Planning Works?

The process of preventive maintenance planning has a great value. Thus, the misconception of many people about the maintenance planning of being costly is not true. Rather, by conducting preventive maintenance it would spare the company from incurring costly downtime in case some of the equipment fails. Obviously, the repair is costly as compared to the expenses that you will invest in making preventive maintenance planning. Likewise, without employing maintenance planning there would be possibilities to experience lose of production time. That is why if you want your equipment to have effective and longer service life you should invest in employing preventive maintenance planning. Some of the long term benefits of this process include improved system reliability, decreased system downtime and reduced cost of replacement as well as better inventory management.

On the other hand, employing of preventive maintenance planning only makes sense when the two conditions are met. It would be ideal to do preventive maintenance action if its over all is lesser than the cost of the corrective action. You should keep into consideration intangible costs that include production costs, downtime costs, lawsuits, loss of goodwill and many others. In addition, through the preventive maintenance planning it is easy to determine if there is a need to replace the equipment. Likewise, in carrying out the task the team should ensure to be specific about the specifications and tolerance of the equipment. The good point about this process is that it helps to predict possible downtime or failure of equipment and at the same time prevent the occurrence.

Moreover, when creating the preventive maintenance planning it is important to take into account the proper scheduling of conducting preventive maintenance. This is because it would not be practical to schedule same preventive maintenance on the same day. Otherwise, you should expect for not so good result. That is why if you are into a business that utilizes different equipment it is a good idea to build a team that will create effective preventive maintenance planning. In this way, you can ensure that your investment will be on good condition and at the same time the smooth flow of business is guaranteed.


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