Organic Potato Farming

It is undeniable that potatoes are produced easily without doing extra efforts. There is ample scope to apply organic potato farming techniques that ensure growing them organically. If organic potato farming is practiced then it is ensured that least or no insect pests are present in them.

Organically such potatoes are the genuine ones hence preferable choices. That is why the demand of such potatoes and their farming has grown tremendously.

harvested organic potatoes

Organic farming has spread into all regions of the world. Increased trend of the organic potato farming is definitely a common scene today. Its preparation must therefore begin through apt selection of the seeds to be used for the farming purpose. Usually such seeds are grown organically hence they are the perfect choices to grow organic potatoes. The next step is selecting the variety of potatoes for this farming option. It is therefore necessary to plan an output including making the specific demarcation for the storage of potatoes post their production.

Planning must start with keeping pest management factors under consideration. Such things guarantee the better care of potatoes. Choice of organic potatoes is unlimited. Other key factors which must be brought under consideration are as follows:-

  • Focusing on the soil management & improving the soil quality for better production is a must
  • Be careful while applying the compost as an organic potato grower for getting perfect outcome
  • Keep in consideration the most effective pest management choices which make better quality
  • Check for the organic insecticides before you apply them to ensure productivity goes high

Precautionary Measures: It is a common scene to see that potatoes are subject to various problems and numerous diseases. Organic potato farming needs all sorts of precautionary steps that would guarantee the quality productivity. You have best choice to explore like having varieties or growing the bigger potatoes through organic potato farming. It requires you to make genuine arrangement and to keep an eye on each factor.

Other crucial aspect is that the potato plants shouldn’t be exposed to any unnecessary pesticide that might damage them. Common damage is affecting the productivity. Don’t forget that potato farming is a serious business. They are often vulnerable to the pests hence do make the possible care while growing them.

Productivity Choices: It is well researched through various researches that growing organic potatoes has indeed been simplified in today. It is equally complicated to grow potatoes when there is least care. The availability of standard fertilizers makes brings everything in a right direction. Such fertilizers are the most suitable ones so they won’t have any chemical substances.

It must be noted though that producing organic potatoes is not a cheaper option as compared to ordinary potatoes. They are still liked as they have additional features which others would hardly possess. Such are the distinguished features.


  • shirley said on February 17, 2012
    mine is not a comment but a request for help. am interested in potato farming in botswana, molepolole. i would like to know about types of soil, weather conditions, irrigation, seeds and where to get them.
  • Justice said on February 20, 2012
    request for requirement organic potato farming, I am in Botswana and would like to start potato farming and where I can get potato seeds even hybrid
  • H. Schulz said on February 21, 2012
    Looking for small farm with water around Tlokweng, Gaborone Botswana area
  • vinay said on July 15, 2012
    How can i start a organic potato farming. i am already growing a potato, but i don't have a good return. so please advice me .....
  • puran dharamwal said on December 14, 2013
    I have a frozen foods iqf plant in hills i am looking for know how to produce organic potato varieties suitable for french fry by contract farming in hills temperate zones having europian climate and opportunity for organic farming as farmers are presently using cow manure and no chemicals for growing potatoes.


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