Crop Rotation Organic Farming

Organic farming is a natural method used to cultivate fruits, vegetables and livestock. The great thing about organic farming is that it does not use industrial fertilizers. Instead, it uses organic fertilizers to develop agricultural and livestock.

Organic farming is beneficial if you are looking for a fresh and pesticide-free fruits and veggies.

What is Organic Farming?

This is a manner of farming that avoids the use of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers and it relies more on green manure and crop rotation called organic farming. Ecological agriculture is the term for organic farming used in Europe. Organic farming is very excellent because it helps to maintain the minerals of the soil and avert soil pollution through contamination from the chemicals.

Nowadays, the demand for organic products like fruits, vegetables, rice, and cotton clothes especially the ones needed by infants, are increasing. To save the nature and environment, several nations are endorsing organic farming according to the standards and rules of Federal of Organic Agriculture Movements, a worldwide organization that promotes organic farming.

Great Features of Organic Farming

This type of farming helps to protect the environment and helps the ecology of the earth by conserving the soil. Farmers who are practicing organic farming know how to apply crop rotation to develop the soil to have rich and natural minerals.

Organic farmers should follow the standard imposed by local organic farming organization and they are not permitted to grow GM or genetically modified crops. This is great because the methods used to cultivate the crops are natural without any chemicals that may harm the soil.

In case of livestock products, artificial chemicals and chemical drugs are not used to control fleas or parasites. As a solution, farmers moved their animals to new field and they use natural substance in order to manage infestation and other pathogens that can infect the plants and animals.

Organic gardening like vegetable gardening is also branch of organic farming. Most vegetable and flower gardens that uses composite manure for their shrubs and flowering plants instead of industrial fertilizers are also part of this type of farming.

Benefits of Organic Farming Products

  • The product of organic farming like fruits, coffee and vegetables taste even more good than the ones that using chemicals.
  • To control pest, organic farmers are using herbal pesticides, which is more beneficial because organic vegetables and fruits, are safe for individual who suffer from heart disease and asthma.
  • Organic farming is eco-friendly because it doesn’t use chemical fertilizers or modified hybrids to cultivate a plant.
  • The tastes of cow’s milk that are raised in organic farming are healthier and tastier. You can assure that it is pure and fresh one.

Disadvantage of Organic Farming

  • One disadvantage of organic farming is that most of the products produced from this method are costly. Common people can’t afford to buy organic foods and products. This is because the labor is the number one factor.
  • Organic farming requires a lot of time and patience.


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