Organic Farming vs. Chemical Farming

There are many kinds of farming. The most popular of these kinds are the organic and the chemical farming.

These two kinds of farming have different procedures. One of these two is said to be a farming way that can pollute the Earth.

The methods of these two kinds of farming are different from each other. In organic farming, it is the cultivation and production of crops by biodegradable organic inputs. While in chemical farming, it is the cultivation and production of crops by inorganic chemical inputs.

Organic Farming is a Nature-friendly Way of Farming

In this kind of way of farming, all you have to do is plant crops without the utilization of chemicals like pesticides. Pesticides that might kill any kinds of animals and insects that eats or even by only smelling these chemicals. This way of farming can survive from some pests in natural way like using insect traps to monitor and control insect populations. You can also use pesticides in this way of farming but you can only use biologic pesticides and herbicides. Another way to avoid pests is by switching crops to a lot of areas yearly in order to hinder cycles of pest reproduction. But in order for you to have an effective pest control, you need to have a complete understanding about the interactions and life cycle of pests.

Chemical Farming is Probably a Nature-Destroyer Way of Farming

This kind of way of farming is said to be dangerous because of the toxic chemicals that are used to prevent pests. Although this way is the most effective way to get rid of pests, it is the most dangerous one too. Even animals that do not affect the crops can also be killed if these pesticides were taken by them. During the harvesting period, human beings can also be poisoned by eating the harvested product in the farm that is used in chemical way. When you are an environment-friendly person, using this way of farming is not advisable. Chemically managed soils release the residues in soil and water environment leads to pollution, and thus causes a lot of ailments to individuals.

The Best Way to Use in Farming

In choosing the best way to use in farming, you need to bear in mind the advantages in using this way. You also need to know the disadvantages of this procedure. Organic farming is more advisable than following the chemical way of farming. Although the products of chemical farming is faster to harvest than the organic way, the products of organic farming is more safe to eat because there is no chemicals added and used to ripen this product.


  • Rhonda said on March 3, 2014
    We grow our own vege's and fruits - in osage county - have lots of land to fill still....any ideas on how we can become part of a franchise for growing plants/fruits for a company? We would love to do this full time as we are older...we grow all of our foods without chemicals or pesticides.
  • Catherine muthee said on December 28, 2018
    I am interested in farming mushroom but I have no capital and also rabbit farming. I am a Catholic nun of the Sisters of MARY of Kakamega.


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