Organic Coconut Farming

Organic coconut farming is being done in all parts of the world as it extends help in the farming economy. It provides a lot of nutritious foods, organic oil, shell, alcoholic beverage, timber, and many other products with one used for domestic fuel.

There are, however, tips you may soon follow if you want to start coconut farming in organic way.

In this article, you can learn ways of doing organic coconut farming which is quite exciting and challenging as it requires pure determination and mind set. Doing so will help you arrive at a successful stage while it simply works with nature. Below are important things you ought to know when you’re about to start a coconut farm.

Document Everything

First, it is essential to start documenting everything as well as the historical sheets of coconuts. This is done in order that you can start out a plan in accordance with the rules and regulations in farming. Provide for field boundaries by means of zoning each of the crops. In addition, you need to identify the risk involve so might as well monitor each of the crops. Now, you are ready for the next step ahead!

Develop a Plan

After you have documented everything, organic farming certainly requires you to develop a plan. This systematic plan must be followed by providing the very basic things in organic farming. Don’t ignore these things the fact that they play their significant roles for your organic coconut farming to succeed! In addition, you must have water and quality soil for your coconuts. Check their present status once in a while to prevent unsuspected contamination. Might as well monitor your coconuts if any of them progresses to be sure that they will grow productively!

Hiring People and the Farm’s Size

Furthermore, you must plan to hire people that may assist you on your farm. Make sure they are responsible enough in order that you can trace whatever they are doing. In that case, you won’t worry about your workers as they can work well with your coconut farming.

Apart from hiring people, the next thing you must consider is the farm’s size. Take note that the land you own must get enough sunlight. In organic farming, sunlight plays its vital role for them to grow in the next coming years to come.

Micro Eco Farming Technique

The last among the tips include of Micro Eco Farming technique which can be used to start organic coconut farming. This technique would only mean of producing coconuts in large quantity in a small space. So before you plan on quitting your job, you may however start on a small farm until then you can plan for big farms! That way, you can monitor your small farm on a daily basis while you plan of expanding your coconuts.


  • Raymond chevalier said on May 3, 2013
    I am seeking assistance to develop a business plan for organic coconut and cashew farming, including processing...could u guide me for assistance? Thanks
  • Samuel Hodor said on August 27, 2014
    please, i am a 26 year old Ghanaian who has interest in coconut production... please i want you to help me with a viable business plan for my start up. thank you very much


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