Organic Cattle Farming

Organic cattle farming does not use any artificial stuff to raise the animals. They are purely fed with grass or other natural foods to provide them with the proper nutrients they need.

Aside from this, the animals are not injected with any type of chemical or hormones and should also conform to the specific guidelines and standards set by the proper authority responsible for the organic certifications.

Cattle farming is a nice activity although it is not as easy as you think. Raising cattles needs enough and proper attention for you to get the maximum benefits.

If you are planning on starting an organic cattle farming, there are some things that you have to consider for you to make the most out of it. This will include providing them with the proper nutrition they need, medicines, shelter and other things to keep them healthy.

Learn About Cattle Farming

Learning the things that you should know about cattle farming is necessary for you to be able to manage your farm effectively and get the most out of it. You may also think of getting hired on a certain cattle farm to gain enough knowledge and experience about cattle farming. If you are already sure that you really want to pursue cattle farming and you have the skills, knowledge and resources needed for organic cattle farming, you can now proceed on purchasing the cattle breeds that you will raise.

Choosing the Right Breed

Choose a breed that suits well in the environment where you will be placing them. You also have to consider your business aims when choosing the cattle breed that you will raise. There are breeds which are good for beef production while there are also those which are better for milking purposes.

Feeding Requirements

In organic cattle farming, the animals are fed with natural foods. Providing them with proper nutrition is extremely important to bear in mind for them to stay healthy. As you are applying organic farming, there should be no chemicals or hormones administered to them as this can only harm their health if the product you have used is not well suited to the animals.


For the fencing, make sure that it is sufficiently heavy to keep it firm in place. Aside from this, you also have to make sure that there are trees in the area to provide the animals with shade. It is also necessary to make sure that the plants in the area are clean and will not cause any harm to the animals.


  • Manoj Kumar Singh said on March 17, 2012
    My native place in Uttar Pradesh , City-Jaunpur and i am Impressed on this article organic farming .and i am planing for organic milk Production.
  • Mrs. Triju Sinha Mitra said on June 9, 2012
    200 KM away from Siliguri, West Bengal. I am interested in Organic Cattle Farming on a rented land. This will help me to add my income in our family and after retirement of my hubby he can also join with me. This business to produce cattle as well as mild and its allied product. If there is any opening for export to Bangladesh which very close to our place that may also explore. To establish this project under SSI scheme, what are the processes and implementation time etc. Please guide me. Regards, Triju Mitra


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