Open a Lift and Escalator Repair Business

Open a lift and escalator repair business now and be surprised with how many potential clients can come asking for your services.

Opening a lift and escalator repair business is definitely a good idea, especially if one will consider the many buildings and establishments that have lifts and escalators.

Most often than not, you will have a steady flow of customers when you start a repair business like this because most of them would prefer getting their systems repaired rather than replaced because they are very expensive.

Also, owners of these buildings and establishments know that good and functioning lifts and escalators can somehow determine their earnings. If they wish to draw more people in their places or if they want to impress potential business partners, they have to make sure that their units are functioning as expected. Besides, this is not only about impressing others or getting more people but also about the safety and security of employees, for example, who might be put in danger just in case. There are safety codes to follow, after all, and those who do not comply with these can be fined for a good amount of money which in most cases is more expensive than the actual payment for repairs.

If you are interested to chase that big opportunity, you have to make sure that you have repair technicians that are thoroughly knowledgeable about the technical aspects of fixing lifts and escalators. The methods they do should be safe and the service they render should be reliable at all times. Mediocre performance can really turn clients off so in the case of other repair businesses that didn’t really provide satisfactory service, majority of their customers simply left them and settled for the competitors instead. Try to find technicians who have the right skills and experience. If necessary, go for someone that has received training in the past.

In addition to having technical know-how’s, your technicians should also be trained to deal professionally with others. As they conduct repairs and even check units for preventive maintenance, they should be polite and patient when dealing with people, even those annoyed customers who whine almost endlessly. Allocating some of your start-up funds for your technician’s simple uniform can be good so that they can have a more professional image to those they provide service. On top of that, you should make clear to your technicians that you expect them to be on time for each and every appointment because that can also be another factor for your business to succeed.

As you open a lift and escalator repair business, you should also do your best to spread the word about it. If you can distribute flyers, business cards, promotional items and others, this could also prove to be rewarding later on. If you can have your own website and if you can email potential customers, this will also be beneficial for your repair business – especially if you can offer excellent service for a lower price than most of your competitors.


  • Serati P. Matlotse said on October 21, 2014
    I am based in Botswana and due to the high rate of development, we are currently going through a phase of new high rise buildings. There are only two elevator companies, locally with a huge backlog of outstanding jobs, resulting in poor service deliveries, with the market completely dissatisfied. I have done all the spade work to set up a viable operation and compete with the current players. I need someone highly qualified with lots of experience to get the ball rolling. If you are available & interested please touch base with me on the email or call +267-71304226.
  • Kostas Margaritis said on September 17, 2015
    Dear Mr. @Matlotse, I have an elevator company here in Greece. I have a lot of experience and I have done a lot of elevator installation and generally I know very well the elevator market in terms of installation, service and modernization. If you still interesting for some cooperation please contact me in the following emmail: GSM: +306944686094


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