Open a Bridal Boutique Business

A bridal boutique provides bridal gowns, shoes, accessories, and dresses for bridesmaids. In starting a bridal boutique business, having a plan is necessary.

Planning on how much budget you can produce will determine the scope of your business, how many dresses can you produce, the quality of your dresses and accessories. Having a marketing plan is also recommended to gain clients.

Another thing to consider is the actual place of the business. The place should be able to cater the needed space to store your dresses, gowns, shoes, and accessories. Also this place should be able to provide a suitable environment for your gowns and dresses to maintain their quality. The place should also have a place to display your dresses, gowns, shoes, and accessories. And also a dressing room should be provided.

Insurance is also a thing to consider in operating this type of business. The insurance policy should be able to protect your dresses, gowns, accessories, and shoes. Shopping around for reputable insurance companies will help you in choosing which company has the insurance policy. Seeking recommendation from owners of the same business is also an option to ensure that the insurance company is reputable since they already have experienced it themselves. But never seek advice from your competitors because instead of them giving you a good advice, it could turn out otherwise. And giving you a good advice is the last thing they want to do unless they want their business to possibly lose clients.

The following are the steps in opening a bridal boutique business:

  • Find a place suitable for your business. Consult a leasing agency to help you find the right place for your business. Also take into consideration the possibility of renovation in case adjustments are needed so that you will have the best place to operate your business.
  • After finding the right place, finding the right inventory for your business is the next step. Purchase at least one sample for every dress, gown, shoes, and accessory that you plan to carry. The average price for wedding dresses is usually at $200 to $500 each. Contracting a designer will not only help you with your gowns and dresses but also will give you an advantage over your competitors.
  • Think about the price of each product you plan to sell or rent. Determine if you want to sell or rent high volume but gain small profit or sell or rent few dresses and gowns but earn big profit. If possible, offer promotions to attract clients.
  • Obtain a business license from your city hall department. This process takes few weeks to be completed depending on how the city hall operates.
  • Finally, plan on how you will advertise your business. It is recommended to service a few clients first. Make one client satisfied at a time and let them share their experience to their friends and family because in business, word of mouth is the best form of advertising your business, and the best thing is it is free.


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