How to Set Up a Wedding Car Business

Some brides love the appearance of a luxurious car that waits them following the wedding ceremony. Companies for wedding cards aid women turn their dreams to a reality through bringing them to their reception on a fancy fashion.

However, how to set up a wedding car business requires broad planning as well as consideration beyond what kind of car to purchase.

Knowing the information on how to start up a wedding car business will help you become successful and have stable resources in the long run.

Outline Rate Considerations

Wedding car business takes account of not only chauffeuring a newlywed for a little distance like to hire staff, mechanical expenses, auto park and space gas, insurance and advertising. If your capital is limited, also keep the business restricted to only one driver and two classic cars. In case you don’t have mechanical skills, unite with those who does. Classic vehicle sold for rock-bottom costs will probably need a renovation job that will add essential mechanic charges. These fees can be decreased with a vehicle savvy partner.

Purchase Cars

Some brides imagine themselves obtaining whisked away in a second hand van after the wedding ceremony. So you need to invest at least 2 units, ideally Rolls Royce and Jaguar. As your company develops, expand your vehicle line to take account of new and class limousines, or Mercedes and other sophisticated and expensive cars. Select and purchase cars in basic colors like black and white or tan. As much as possible avoid purchasing loud colors like yellow, red and orange. If required, take the vehicle to get a fresh paint job and get rid of any cosmetic damages. Make sure the upholstery is of stains and dirt. Some bride will notice any aesthetic details.

Get Insurance and Permits

Insurance requirement is companies' public liability, employers liability, as well as product liability. Public liability can normally be added to the already existing car insurance. Find property insurance most especially theft insurance in order to secure your essential assets.


Attract clients in word of mouth through obtaining referrals for photographers, wedding planners, dress stores and florists. Provide a finders fee through providing a percentage of the sales for all clients endorsed by them. Participate in wedding expos or set up a kiosk showcasing your facilities. Showing pictures of your vehicle against a remarkable background of castles and gardens. Pain an obvious image of wanting their wedding event can look like with the addition of your facilities.

Promote Heavily

Print silky brochures that outline expenses, cars available and a short information about the company, the owner, and the contact information. With consent, leave these brochures at wedding stores, wedding planners offices and photographer studio. As brides rely deeply on the net for some of their wedding planning, get the service of a website designer in order to make a site for the business. On your website use pictures of a joyful couple posing inside or next to your car. For elegance you can add font script.


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