How to Start a Henna Tattoo Business

Henna tattoo business is one of the in demand source of income especially during summer. However, better understanding is essential not only to start the business but also to become successful in it.

You should have idea on how to network people and market your product and services.

Setting Goals

Whatever kind of business you may want to open, setting goals is the first step to take. This is also true when opening a henna tattoo business. You should determine how you can be successful in your chosen business. You can never achieve success unless you foresee your goal. In this way you can have the chance to determine the reasonability of your goals and at the same time assess the risks.

Evaluating Needs

In starting a henna business you should think of the necessary supplies. As much as possible you should be smart in choosing supplies. Do not purchase things that are not essential in the business and buy only the right quantity of supplies. The supplies you need depend on how you will set up the business. If you want to do henna tattoo business in festivals, you will need to buy tables, chairs, tent, decors and many others. On the other hand, obtaining just enough supplies is ideal rather than damaging your credit cards.

Insurance – Licenses – Record Keeping

Before you start a henna tattoo business you should secure first the necessary documents such as licenses and insurance. Wherever you may set up your business you will be required to secure license. The type of license depends on where you set up the business. This kind of business can be established at home and many tattoo artists who work at home do not secure occupational license. Another thing to consider when starting a henna tattoo business is the insurance. The insurance policy is your proof that you are allowed to do the business as well as do some arts in the body of other people. Actually, doing henna body painting is not a taxable service but it also depends on the regulations of the state or city. That is why it is necessary to the Revenue Department in your location so that you will know the tax requirements.

Skills and Artistry

Creating a henna tattoo business does not require you to be a great artist. All you have to do is learn how to make simple bracelet and hand designs. You should practice doing it until such time that you can do it perfectly. After which, you start creating complicated tattoo designs. Keep in mind that in this business, time is money. This means that the faster you finish your work, the more money you will get. Likewise you also need to be competitive in order to survive the business.


  • Kamica McNeal said on May 23, 2012
    Hi, My name is Kamica McNeal, i am currently 16 and looking to make some quick money over the summer, and i thought doing henna tattoos would be a quick and easy way to do it, i dont really have any experience with it, but i have been practicing, and i'm pretty good at doing flowers. anyways i'd like to start my business on the actual beach, i want to know if i have to get a license for it, and if i'd have to ask someone if i could do it on the beach. I am located in Jacksonville, NC, USA. Thank you for any type of help you can provide me with. Kamica
  • Bobbi said on May 30, 2013
    interested in opening a Henna and earring shop in Atlanta Georgia .Please help
  • sumaitah said on July 4, 2016
    I am 12, and almost 13, but i am really good at henna art and i am thinking of making some money over the summer. My question is, do i need any kind of license? Is there any age restrictions? What if i open a stand outside of my house?
  • Atia Arsuad said on July 16, 2016
    I'm thinking of starting to make money through henna designs I'm not a pro I'm very Good according to my daughters and their friends who are about 11 years of age;) how much should I charge for just one side of the hand. I'll buy my own hena cones. I live in a basement and also I do advertise. Please guide me on how how much should I charge them I don't want to charge/ hour coz I'm not very fast I can finish on had front and back in about 40 minutes thanks


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