Obama’s First 100 Days will Focus on Solving Economic Crisis

President-elect Barack Obama will focus more on helping the US economy back on its track. After discussion with the Congress, Obama’s proposed stimulus bill reached $825 billion which will be used to provide financial aid to government programs and economic sectors greatly hit by the recession.

President-elect Barack Obama announced his plan to focus his first 100 days as the leader of the nation by focusing more on helping the economy back on its track.

Just few days ago, Obama’s proposed stimulus package reached $825 billion as the initial plan amounting $725 billion to $775 billion was said not to be sufficient enough to help all the economic sectors suffering from financial crisis caused by recession.

Published reports said that Obama will focus on the three most severely hit by recession including education sector, energy industry, and public health institutions.

One major education campaign of Obama is to extend federal aid for college students belonging from low-income families (earning below $50,000 annually). With this proposed federal aid program, it has been estimated that more than 6 million students will receive an estimated $4,700 financial assistance every year.

As unemployment rate and foreclosure are getting worse day by day, Obama’s high approval ratings could possibly slump if these looming problems are not sufficiently address.

Aside from helping the economy, Obama also plans to make the middle-east more peaceful and stable.

Another controversial decision of Obama is the plan to close the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.


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