Kids Business Letter

Business letter writing is a basic task that anyone should be thought on how to do. As a matter of fact, there are lots of children who are already taught to do this means of communication.

If you are interested to teach your little ones, it is best to read this article which focuses on kids’ business letter.

The format that is commonly used in making kids’ business letter is the one used in business. According to sources, these are just very simple to follow and even those youngsters can do this.

Heading and Greeting

In writing this letter, you may utilize the use of the computer available in your house. The initial thing to do is for you to choose the letter format that you will be using. The most common adapted style is the block format. This features single spaced and left justified text and paragraphs with double spaces.

You may also have the freedom to select the font size and style that you want. The recommended size would be 12 and the font styles are as Arial or Times New Roman. These are the font styles that will make your letter visible. You must refrain from using styles that will make your letter fancy.

In the heading part, you must put there the name of the street, city and ZIP code or the initial of the state. The greeting part should contain the name of the person whom you are addressing the letter to. Just in case you are writing to an individual with position or title, make sure that you will put the right spelling or acronym after the name. This is to avoid any offending feeling to that person.

The Salutation

After the heading and the greeting was typed, you may already proceed to the making of your salutation. This must be presented in a justified style at the left part of the paper. Be careful with regard to the spelling of the receiver of the letter since you need to write it down here. Since you are using the block style, you need to utilize colon rather than using coma at the end.

The Body

After you have already written the correct heading, salutation as well as the greeting, you have to skip one line for your introduction. The introductory paragraph must convey your message and your intention why you are writing to that person. You are also free to add other paragraphs provided that it will bore the reader. What you need to include there are facts, details and examples that are related to your request. It is also a good thing to use some of the anecdotes as long as they are related to the subject. At the end, make it in a way that you are asking for the action of the recipient.

The Proper Closing

You must not forget to express your gratitude to the receiver of the letter. It is also nice to come up with an ending as if you are requiring for an immediate response from him. In closing the letter, it is important to select the proper phrases or words suited for a formal letter. Provide a space where you can sign and below is your printed name. Make your signature is as neat as possible to provide good impression.


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