Business Intelligence Architecture

Today, the marketplace has been increasingly competitive due to the altering in technology and customer demands.

Now, business intelligence architecture is being influence by information technology.

Nowadays, many companies are concentrating their business intelligence application actions to different areas including cost reduction, profitability and yield analysis, relationship marketing, customer relationship management, dynamic segmentation, and target marketing to make them become successful. One of the tools that help them with this is operational intelligence software.

Also, many companies have large records which are continuously growing. But, only a partial part of the data is being used in decision-making process. The businesses need a kind of data system that has the capacity to deal with the huge volume of data and turn it into helpful information which the business user can utilize. Many structures are useful in the architecture of business intelligence. These structures involves data warehouse, operational data store and data mart.

Operational data store helps a lot like helping a client to have a regular view of the data that is recently filed up in the database. This is managed by using a transcription processing system. You can acquire a copy of the data that is being changed in the operational data store whenever a data is modifying in the source system. That file that exists in the operational data store is being modified to reflect the file that is recently found in your source system. In many cases, the storage process is synchronized and be able to apply in the different operations needed to run a business.

Another structure that is used in business information architecture is the data warehouse. This structure has the review and comprehensive data. This data is being taken out from different transaction processing systems. Every time a data is being collected, this data is being cleansed, modified, integrated and then loaded into the database. This said data is not loaded into production databases.

The data that comes to the data warehouse would not substitute the existing one. Every data is gathered and this helps in maintaining a record of the data collected on the entire period of time that the business is operated. This comprehensive data is helpful when it comes to analyzing the various trends that the business has gone through. It is also valuable in decision-making process especially when a business have a multiple units.

Data mart is another structure that is used for design architecture. This structure typically has subsets of corporate data that are important for a specific business unit or group of users. The different types of data mart used are decided by the group of users or functional scope of a particular business problem within the business unit. It is planned to help a business to deal with a specific business problem. Some of the problems that can be resolved with the use of this structure include issues with the suppliers, issues with retail catalogs, market share, loyalty, and customer attrition.


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