Improving a Business’s Online Visibility

Tapping the power of electronic media requires an extensive knowledge in online marketing. According to SEO experts, a website which has a good page ranking, right keywords, inbound links to other websites, and highly informative content can be very effective in improving a business’s online visibility, thus allowing a company to reach its target-market.

As most people now rely on the Internet media, businesses have created ways to promote products and services and reach potential target-market by using this powerful communication tool.

However, online visibility may not be easy nowadays especially when virtually all companies use the Internet to reach consumers and to expand business horizon. According to communication experts, tapping the power of this electronic media does not only require creating a business website.

To maximize the full potential of the Internet media, businessmen, regardless of their scale of operation, should know the basic of online marketing. While some prefer to hire SEO specialists (people who specialize in online marketing and media), some businessmen prefer to handle their own websites.

Ways to Improve Online Visibility

Website Tailored for Its Target-market

The most important thing for a website is the page ranking. According to several studies, majority of online users only look at the first page of any search engine tool (like Yahoo and Google) and will not bother to click the second page. With this consideration, businessmen should know how to maintain a top page ranking.

To have a better page ranking, a website should have keywords which are associated to its business. For example, a clothing company’s website should include keywords such as fashionable pants, summer dress, and other words and phrases which are the top searches of consumers looking for clothes.

Another way to have a top page ranking is having inbound links. According to SEO experts, a site which offers reliable and interesting contents is most likely to be linked by other sites which need the latter’s significant information.

Meanwhile, some businesses opt to create several sites and link each of these to improve the page ranking.

Use the social media

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Multiply have been widely-used by online consumers that a recent study shows that people use these communication tools more than their personal emails.

By having a group account in a social networking site, companies can provide their fans (or target-consumers) with updates that usually work as subtle advertisement.

Blog commenting and forums

Commenting on popular blog sites, websites, and forums is the best way to earn more inbound links which can improve the online visibility of a business website.

Ideally, comments should be posted on a controversial topic which is the “talk of the town” among the online users.

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